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10 Beginner DIY Projects For Your Home

10 Beginner DIY Projects For Your Home

White farmhouse kitchen with beginner DIY projects

“Help! I’m intimidated by power tools!” If that’s you, you’re in the right place. Most handy home DIYers didn’t start out that way—they started out knowing nothing about home improvement, and had to do a beginner DIY or two first.

Instead, it’s something you have to learn. And you can—power tools aren’t just for professional construction workers. But don’t start by ripping out a wall or tiling your shower. Instead, start small, with some beginner DIY projects you can tackle easily.

Here are 10 cute and fun beginner DIY projects you can do for your home.

DIY sliding barn door
Photograph by Astra Spanbauer

Hang a Barn Door

If you love farmhouse style, this is a perfect beginner DIY project for you. You can buy the door, buy the hardware, and all you have to do yourself is hang it!

Get the tutorial here.

entryway in Texas farmhouse home with word art and bench
Photograph by Jean Allsopp; home of Brendt Blanks

How to Chalk Paint Almost Anything

Whether it’s your dining room table, an upcycled nightstand or any other piece of furniture, you can update the look with a couple coats of chalk paint! Learn how to use this paint for any beginner DIY painting project you have in mind.

Get the tutorial here.

DIY open shelves in a kitchen with pots and bowls on them
Photograph by Rhiannon Lawson

DIY Open Shelving

Open shelves are a big design trend! And you can make them yourself so they look the exact way you want. This is also a good beginner DIY project to start using power tools, saws and a drill.

Get the tutorial here.

hallway with DIY shiplap
Photograph by Ryan Liu

Shiplap Your Walls as a Beginner DIY

Shiplap is all the rage, and it’s an easy beginner DIY you can do too, which you can also fit into a smaller budget. And it will help to update any room in your home.

Get the tutorial here.

vintage paint technique
Photograph by KariAnne Wood

Vintage Crackled Paint Technique

If you like that chippy furniture look but can’t find an accessible (or affordable) authentic vintage piece you want, try this simple DIY to get the look for less! The main ingredient you need for this is school glue (yes, that’s right).

Get the tutorial here.

Faux fireplace with wood slice insert and mirror
Photograph by Kristin Dowding

DIY Faux Fireplace Insert

Faux fireplaces exude charm without needing a working fireplace. But the question for all faux fireplaces is what to do with the middle. You can solve that problem with an easy beginner DIY faux fireplace insert.

Get the tutorial here.

A baby goat looks up at the complete board and batten mudroom wall
Photograph by Lana Stenner

DIY Wall Paneling as a Beginner DIY

Adding paneling for an accent wall or a full room of interest is a great way to learn how to work with wood, a drill and a basic saw. And you can vary this project for any space in your home.

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Get the tutorial here.

Mantel with German Schmear look
Photo by Ryan Liu

How to do German Schmear

This is a project that uses mortar (the substance used to adhere brick or tile) to create an old, whitewashed look to brick. This project will be great for learning how to work with mortar, and get you ready for tiling or doing real brickwork.

Get the tutorial here.

black and white patterned floor
Photograph by Chad Mellon; home of Jaclyn James

Pattern Your Floor Tiles

If you don’t like your tile floors, but don’t quite feel up to learning how to tile yet, try this project. You’ll paint your existing tiles to make them look like the fun, updated version you want.

Get the tutorial here.

Farmhouse boys’ bedroom with DIY reclaimed wood wall and checked bedding.
Photograph by Michael Hunter

DIY Reclaimed Wood Wall

This project borders on intermediate, so don’t use this as your very first wood project. But it’s a good beginner DIY to use as your second wood project! You can use pallet wood for this, or to make it easier, buy wall panel boards at a home improvement store.

Get the tutorial here.

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