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Bathtub or Shower? (or Both?)

Bathtub or Shower? (or Both?)

A white master bathroom with a large window and shower and stenciled tiles

When it comes to designing or remodeling your farmhouse bathroom, few pieces are as pivotal to the style of the room as the bathtub or shower. But which one is best for your house? And which will give you the best resale value? If you have a large bathroom, you can install both a bathtub and a shower. But what if the bathroom is small? Here are some considerations to make as you prepare your bathroom design.

Farmhouse bathroom with freestanding bathtub
In this small bathroom, the freestanding tub has plenty of room to shine, alongside the beautiful tile and shiplap siding.
Photo by Helene Bernstone

Current Use

One of the keys to deciding on a bathtub versus shower is if you have anyone in your family who uses the bathtub. If you have young children, you’ll want a tub they can use, preferably in their own bathroom, unless you want to bathe them in your master bathroom. But if you don’t have small kids and don’t take baths very often, then a shower-only option might work for you.

Bathroom with a dual shower/tub and rustic wood vanity.
If you want to stay on the safe side, install a bath/shower combo like this design by Four Point Design Build. You can still rock the farmhouse style with classic tile, a cotton shower curtain and even rustic wood siding.

Space Savvy

If you’re trying to save on space, showers are your best bet. Not only can a shower easily fit into a corner of the bathroom, but you can also give it a smaller footprint. On the other hand, if you have the desire (and the room) to really unwind, baths are the way to go.

clawfoot bathtub in farmhouse bathroom
This bathtub is a great example of how easily a tub or shower can be the perfect statement piece. Courtesy of This New Old House.

Trendy Versus Classic

The current trend is to replace bathtubs with luxurious, walk-in showers. This is a great option because most of us take more showers than baths, and it’s convenient to have that extra space. On the other hand, though bathtub/shower combos are much less popular right now, that option would allow you to fit both a bathtub and shower into the same square footage in a small space.

farmhouse bathroom bathtub with shower and window
This combo bathtub and shower is the perfect mix of convenience and comfort! Courtesy of Farmhouse on Boone.


Think about your ROI (return on investment) for your home’s resale value, especially for bathrooms, which have a high ROI. Replacing the only bathtub in the house would be a drawback for potential buyers, though not if you have another tub option. “In general, clients who want a bathtub are happy enough when there’s at least one bathtub in the house,” says realtor Joseph Chiavatti. “In general, it will not affect the home value at all to remove a bathtub.”

farmhouse bathroom bathtub with shower and subway tile backsplash
The modern tile backsplash gives this farmhouse bathroom the perfect contemporary feel. Courtesy of Home Depot Blog.

Short-Term Versus Long-Term

Do you plan to be in your home for five years, or 15? If this is your forever home, your personal taste and lifestyle needs should come before resale value as you renovate. But if you might move in the next few years, you’ll want to maximize your resale value. If you’re planning to move in the next few years, consider adding some of these trendy bathroom features for your home’s resale.

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