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Winter Bedroom Styling Tips

Winter Bedroom Styling Tips

winter bedroom farmhouse neutral palette

Meet our 2023 Brand Ambassador and get her tips for non-holiday winter styling in the bedroom.

Editor’s note: We’re excited to welcome Jessica Sigmon, the blogger and Instagrammer behind Itty Bitty Farmhouse, for her own column in 2023! You may recognize her name—we've featured her fall home before. Jessica will be sharing simple and easy styling and DIY projects anyone can do.

Winter is one of those odd times for styling your home. All the holiday sparkle has come down, and you’re left with a blank canvas and a ton of greens. Here are my three favorite tips that give that cozy feel for a winter bedroom. 

Tip 1: Soft Goods

Start with the bed and rug. A wool or shag rug of lighter, airy tones will give you free creativity to use any colors you want in your bedding. For the bed, grab crisp white sheets and a fluffy duvet to start. The outer layers are where you can customize. I love flannel for the winter months. Bring your own spin to the design with patterns, colors and layers to give the bed a fluffy look. Finally, top it off with a chunky throw and tons of pillows. Now you have the coziest center you can build your winter bedroom around. 

Tip 2: Baskets and Sweaters

Next, grab baskets and cardigans. Why would sweaters be considered décor? When you’re trying to style for winter, there aren’t many overt motifs like there are for the holidays. So use the pieces around your home that can serve a dual purpose. During the winter months, that’s chunky knit cardigans. Baskets are another must. They’re great for filling space and can be used all year. Layer them on a wall, use them to hold greenery and store those chunky throw blankets for your winter bedroom. 

Tip 3: Winter Greens

Add in winter greens for the final touch to your winter bedroom. Use clear vases to make the green tones pop. Along with the greens, add in-season natural décor and brass tones, such as a brass vase or flower pot to display pinecones. 

Creating a cozy winter bedroom can be budget friendly and so easy to transform with leftover holiday decorations. “Use and reuse” is a big motto in our home. I hope these tips help you stay cozy all winter long.

Jessica Sigmon is the American Farmhouse Style 2023 Brand Ambassador, and the voice behind Itty Bitty Farmhouse. She lives with her husband and pup in North Carolina. You can follow along with her online:

Instagram: @itty_bitty_farmhouse

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