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Best Farmhouse Scents for the Home

Best Farmhouse Scents for the Home

Bedroom with cream walls and candle burning for scents for the home

Nothing impacts the feel of a farmhouse more than its scent. Whether it's from a candle burning, or an essential oil diffusing, scents are the most vital accessory in your farmhouse. This is exactly why it's important to nail down the perfect scents for your home, and especially to find the perfect smell for each room.

Sage and Mint

This is a fresh scent combination that could work for any room in your farmhouse. Since these scents are so versatile, try them out in a high-traffic area in your home, like an entryway or a mudroom. Also, this combination would work great in a laundry room, or any area you want to smell herby and clean.

entryway with vintage window and vintage sign
Homeowner Cynthia creates an elegant entryway that brings functionality and character together. Having a clean-smelling scent as you enter your home furthers this feeling of calm collection. Photograph by Chris Bradley.

Scents for the Home: Lemongrass

Lemongrass is a subtle clean-smelling scent, that is perfect for a bathroom. Because lemongrass can tend to have a bitter endnote, combine this scent with rose to add in a floral note if desired.

Bathroom design for multiple bathrooms with yellow and black wallpaper and round mirror
Holly Thomson recommends patterned wallpaper to brighten up a bathroom. Likewise, a lemongrass scent will liven up the bathroom's smell as well as give it a clean finish. Photograph via Cedar and Moss.

Lavender and Cashmere

This soft and calm scent is perfect for bedrooms. Whether it's from a candle, or lavender essential oil, these scents are a great fit for the home in a relaxing wind-down before bed.

Jessica Sigmon created a stylish cottage farmhouse bed that oozes comfort. With a scent of lavender or cashmere (or both), a bedroom can become even more cozy. Photograph by Jessica Sigmon.

Ocean Air and Moss as Scents for the Home

These earthy scents for your home would compliment an office or study. Together, they create a musky, masculine-leaning smell that makes you want to cozy-up with a good book.

Living room with built-in bookcase and white slipcovered sofa for architectural details to save
This historic farmhouse has a natural classic feel that was preserved through its restoration. A potent and slightly familiar scent can add depth and intrigue to specific rooms in your home. Photo by Bret Gum.

Sweet Tobacco

This all-round favorite brings a sweet and rich scent to the farmhouse. It would fit well in a living room, or honestly throughout your farmhouse! These classic scents for your home could become your farmhouse's signature scent.

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