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What is Scandinavian Farmhouse Style?

What is Scandinavian Farmhouse Style?

wood burning stove in living room with large window scandinavian farmhouse style

This is part of our Design Glossary series! Catch the whole series to find out more about the different types of farmhouse style!

Scandinavian farmhouse style is inspired by the rustic, woodsy charm of simple Swedish and Danish decor and the down-to-earth and practical feel of American farmhouse style. Scandinavian farmhouse style effortlessly combines the two looks for a style that is beautifully livable.

This style will often feature unfinished wood throughout the home, large windows, lots of whites along with the occasional black contrast, and a minimalist approach to home decor. There are also lots of plants and textiles in Scandinavian farmhouse style, as pops of green and bursts of cozy fabrics keep a space from feeling too sterile.

Bedroom/living room with simple white style
Image from iStock

When you enter a room with Scandinavian farmhouse style, you're suddenly surrounded by coziness and a warm, relaxing feeling. When you walk in, you can take a deep breath, knowing that you're surrounded by a simple, beautiful and functional space.

Room by Room

Scandinavian farmhouse style kitchen with window white cabinets and black countertops
This extra large window in this kitchen along with the white shiplap makes it feel bright and relaxing. Courtesy of Thayer Design Studio.


Scandinavian farmhouse kitchens use lots of white (think white shiplap or white cabinets) to brighten up the space. Traditional farmhouse sinks are often combined with a contrasting countertop, like a dark black or butcher block counter. Additionally, these kitchens are open and have minimal decorative accents. Instead, the decorative focus of the kitchen is natural light, some greenery and an open space to gather.

Scandinavian home
An authentic instance of Scandinavian style, this home in Sweden was designed by architect Greta Magnusson Grossman. Photo courtesy of

Dining Room

Wood in all its different forms shines in Scandinavian farmhouse dining rooms. A vintage or Mid Century table is often the centerpiece of the room and Windsor style chairs sit around it. A simple vase with flowers may sit upon the table, echoing Scandinavian farmhouse style's 'less is more' approach. Light fixtures shouldn't be forgotten though—look for an interesting or quirky chandelier to tie the room together.

scandinavian farmhouse style bedroom with rustic wood nightstands simple bed gray textiles shiplap
With Scandinavian farmhouse style, there's no need for a perfectly made bed every morning- a little bit of disheveled makes this cozy bedroom feel lived in. Courtesy of Relocated Living.
Scandinavian style bedroom with neutral palette
Design by Breathe Design Studio, photography by Chase Daniels.


Scandinavian farmhouse style bedrooms are the perfect place to take a nap in on a dreary, rainy day. Cozy textiles and pillows in calming neutral colors sit upon an understated bed. Rustic nightstands often flank the bed giving the room that farmhouse look. And white painted walls make the room feel clean and inviting.

scandinavian farmhouse style living room with fireplace rug bookshelves blankets white walls
The architectural details in the ceiling along with the fireplace make this living room a unique space, while the contrasting color palette makes the room look carefully curated. Courtesy of The Northern Current.

Living Room

Scandinavian farmhouse living rooms use warm textiles, simple furniture, wood accents and personalized accessories to make the perfect space. Simple sofas and armchairs along with warm textiles like soft blankets or Persian rugs make the room feel peaceful and ready for a cozy afternoon. Wood accents bring in that touch of farmhouse and keep the room feeling down-to-earth. Finally, personalized accents like books and picture frames make the space individualized and visually interesting.

scandinavian farmhouse style bathroom with bathtub exposed wood large window
The open feel of this minimalist bathroom makes it feel luxurious and ready for a long bubble bath in the setting sun. Courtesy of Lonny.


Rustic floors, natural light, and inviting bathtubs make a bathroom look Scandinavian farmhouse inspired. Exposed wood in the ceilings can add to the unique feel of this revitalizing space and natural light from large windows echoes this even more. Finally, a few plants throughout the space add to its fresh look, and simple metal light fixtures pull the farmhouse bathroom together.

scandinavian farmhouse style exterior with white siding black doors and windows
This farmhouse seems to blend into the snow, creating a cohesive, peaceful look with nature. Courtesy of Domino.


Scandinavian farmhouse exteriors draw heavily from American farmhouse exteriors, with its traditional symmetrical two story build and metal roof. But the coloring of the farmhouses echoes Scandinavia, as the white washed paneling along with black window and door frames give the exterior a striking contrast.

Scandinavian Farmhouse Style: Get The Look

Ready to give your own home a Scandinavian farmhouse twist? Here's a few of our favorite products that will do the trick.

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Yamazaki minimalist rectangular table
Yamazaki Steel & Wood Rectangular Table via Food52.
Scandinavian abstract forest print
Scandinavian abstract wall print via Etsy, perfect for a minimalist gallery wall.
rustic box set scandinavian farmhouse style
DRAGAN 4 Piece Bathroom Set. Just a few accessories can give your bathroom that Scandinavian farmhouse look.
mid century modern table scandinavian farmhouse style
Zinus Jen Mid Century Modern Dining Table. This would look great surrounded by the NORRARYD chairs.
three fake plants and pots scandinavian farmhouse style
Opps Plastic Mini Plants. If you don't quite have a green thumb, these will do the trick.
handmade artisan blanket scandinavian farmhouse style
Handwoven Scandinavian Throw. Who is ready to curl up in this on a stormy night?
Birch Ivory Sven fabric sofa
Birch Ivory Sven fabric sofa via Article
Two Scandinavian farmhouse style chairs
Norwegian Danish Tapered Dining Chairs via Overstock
handwoven bamboo Sinnerlig pendant lamp
Handwoven bamboo Sinnerlig pendant lamp via Ikea
Scandinavian rustic wood candelabra
Swedish rustic candelabra, VINTIS/
Jute balls
Jute balls, set of 3,

Ready for a Scandinavian farmhouse makeover yet? We've also got some great tips on how to set an upcycled tablescape. And of course, don’t forget to follow us on InstagramFacebook and Pinterest to get your daily dose of farmhouse inspiration!

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