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A Farmhouse Bathroom with DIY Charm

A Farmhouse Bathroom with DIY Charm

Black cabinets and industrial lighting with shiplap in farmhouse bathroom

If you're looking for ways to update a functional but outdated bathroom without breaking the bank, this gorgeous farmhouse bathroom remodel in Oklahoma is the perfect inspiration. For homeowner and Instagrammer Astra Spanbauer of Red Brick Faux Farmhouse, remodels are all about DIYing it yourself. We've already toured her kitchen refresh, and she's now done wonders to her master bathroom as well. Here's how she accomplished her farmhouse bathroom remodel.

Before shot of outdated bathroom
Before the remodel, the bathroom was badly in need of an update!

American Farmhouse Style: What was your vision for the bathroom?

Astra: I knew I wanted to add florals and some pink because I wanted a feminine space. I envisioned shiplap for that farmhouse feel and I knew I was going to paint the tiles so they could be fresh and updated. There is a lot of pattern and texture in the space, which seemed kind of wild to put all together...but it really works!

Sink area of farmhouse bathroom with mirror, floral wallpaper and shiplap
The wallpaper Astra used is the La Maison Floral Komar Decal from D. Marie Interiors.

AFS: It looks like you pretty much redid everything! Can you give us some specifics about what you replaced and refinished?

Astra: Absolutely! I started with adding shiplap to the tub surround above the tile. I also painted the bathtub wall tiles black and used cutting edge stencils to add the beautiful pattern to the tiles. I painted the wood bathtub surround white and added shiplap to give it some character. I also added shiplap to the wall behind the toilet and the three walls surrounding the bathroom.

Farmhouse bathroom with shiplap and patterend tile above bathtub
Astra kept the existing tiles and painted them black, then added the patterns herself with a stencil.

Astra: I tore down the tile wall closest to the shower and ended up learning how to drywall after I left HUGE holes in the wall! I painted all of the cabinetry black, replaced the mirrors and light fixtures, built floating shelves and a robe/towel rack, added a beautiful floral wallpaper to the walls, and painted and stenciled the floors with a fun herringbone pattern. 

Before shot of outdated master bathroom
Before the remodel, the bathroom was badly in need of an update!

AFS: Did you do the work yourself?

Astra: I actually did all of the work myself (I got divorced in January and this is the first big project I have done on my own). I had a great time documenting my progress on Instagram. I really felt so accomplished and proud once  I finished this space. It is feminine and moody...I love everything about my bathroom now.

White tile and black cabinets with floral wallpaper in bathroom
The black cabinets add a touch of drama to the room, which works well alongside the white shiplap and feminine floral wallpaper.

AFS: Why did you choose a dark color for the cabinets?

Astra: I have white or gray cabinets in most of my rooms but I really wanted to try something a little more modern and moody for the farmhouse black seemed like a fitting choice. I absolutely love that I decided to go with the dark painted cabinets and the matte black drawer pulls/handles.

Bathroom with wallpaper, shiplap and marble countertops
The granite countertops are original to the bathroom. "They are granite and tied in perfectly with the updated bathroom," Astra says.

AFS: What’s your favorite part about your new bathroom look?

Astra: My favorite part is definitely the bathtub nook. I love the shiplap and painted wall tiles. I could literally spend hours in that bathroom everyday. 

For more on Astra, visit her on Instagram @RedBrickFauxFarmhouse and check out her Etsy shop, Ave and Ash Designs. Of course, don’t forget to follow us on InstagramFacebook and Pinterest to get your daily dose of farmhouse inspiration! 

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