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Interior Design Trends Forecast: 2023

Interior Design Trends Forecast: 2023

Foyer with black and white checkered tile and wainscoting, one of the interior design trends of 2023

Wondering what 2023 has for us for interior design trends? Consider this your insider guide. And spoiler? They pair beautifully with a farmhouse style!

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White kitchen with natural wood cabinets as one of the interior design trends of 2023
A gathering room and kitchen designed by The Fox Group has a double-story fireplace. Its stone makes the fireplace feel cozy, warm, and inviting, even though the scale of it is large. “We did an extra-large grout on the fireplace stone which makes it feel very English cottage,” Cara says. Photograph by Rebekah Westover.

Cara Fox of The Fox Group is the creative mind behind our Utah Project House. Along with her husband, Tom, she owns a full service design and construction firm and has a keen eye for interior design trends, spotting them even before they move into the mainstream. Here are the top three design trends she's seeing rise in popularity and how you can use them in your farmhouse style.

Bathroom with pale pink door and an arched doorway, for interior design trends of 2023
An arched doorway in a little girl’s bathroom is dainty and feminine. “We also created the marble countertop in a waterfall fashion to go over the edges of the pink vanity. The bows on the towel holder ring and the drawer hardware add a very sweet finish touch,” Cara says. Photograph by Lindsay Salazar.

“I would say the biggest of the up-and-coming interior design trends is the use of murals,” Cara says. “Murals can be personal to the client and customized to include specific themes or items such as florals or trees that are special in a client’s life.”

These large-scale, wall-spanning pieces are done by a muralist artist and showcase his or her art. Murals can also be budget-friendly, with printed scenes or even photography you can turn into wallpaper. It’s a beautiful way to add color, personalize, and bring character into a room. You can give this design trend a farmhouse twist by featuring bucolic or botanical scenes in rustic styles.

Dark wood painted home office with blue walls and leather sofa
Dark colors reign supreme in this home office. The dark paint is called Salamander by Benjamin Moore and gives the space a decadent, old world elegance, especially when punctuated with an Americana classic: a leather Chesterfield sofa. Photograph by Rebekah Westover.

Interior Design Trends: Dark Finishes

Another of the interior design trends Cara sees is dark woods. “For so long, it was all about light woods and light stains, light white oak and even limed woods to lighten the grain,” she says. Now there's a clamorous return to natural walnut, as well as darker stained oaks. “I love this trend because it emphasizes natural wood tones like mahogany and walnut. So beautiful!” Cara says.

Farmhouse cabinets are often white, but the American farmhouse style itself is all about an organic connection to the land and nothing celebrates that more than natural wood finishes.

Closet with color-coordinated clothes
This custom closet is in all white tones, including the carpet and island marble. “The all-white color scheme was chosen because we planned to color coordinate the clothing in a rainbow style pattern to bring in interest and let the clothing colors shine,” Cara says. Photograph by Lindsay Salazar.

Interior Design Trends: Layered Wainscoting and Mouldings

The third design trend is lots of layered wainscoting and the over usage of moldings. “This interior design trend is especially suited for an American farmhouse because it focuses on the aesthetic and craftsmanship of wainscoting,” Cara says. The wainscoting acts like art for the wall and displays incredible and beautiful detail wood profiles and shapes. 

All these design trends add a creative spin when you use them in your farmhouse style, and lead to truly one-of-a-kind spaces!

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