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How to Choose Your Cabinet Style

How to Choose Your Cabinet Style

The kitchen has bluejay blue counters covered in black countertops. The white backsplash is paired with open farmhouse wood shelves

We partnered with Crown Point Cabinetry on our 2019 Project House for their unparalleled craftsmanship and period-style designs. With the intention of creating a classic farmhouse with cottage appeal, it was important that our big-ticket items like cabinetry matched that style. Here are three elements to consider when choosing the right cabinet style in your home.

Kitchen cabinets with navy blue and subway tile
Traditional and modern elements come together in the kitchen to create a classic vibe with modern appeal. Timeless features such as a subway-tile backsplash, hardwood floors from Olde Wood and Shakerstyle cabinets keep the space cozy while stainless steel appliances, open shelving, soapstone countertops and a full-wall backsplash give it a fresh take.


The large variety of cabinet styles can be overwhelming. But a good way to narrow it down is to think about what time period you’re trying to emulate. Different design eras, such as Arts & Crafts, Early American and Victorian will each bring a different vibe to your space.

With 18 wood species to choose from and a custom Face Frame Construction option, Crown Point Cabinetry can help you find the right fit for your home. And don’t forget function. “Select cabinetry that offers interior storage options that work for your personal kitchen items,” says Tamara Herrmann in Design and Sales with Crown Point Cabinetry.

Kitchen cabinets with navy blue and subway tile
Like white, dark blue is a traditional color to use on kitchen cabinetry. But unlike the trending white cabinets, blue cabinets use a bold color, offering variety and unique contrast in the farmhouse kitchen.


White cabinets are trending. Their classic appeal is a great choice for period-style cabinets. But it’s not the only choice. Once you have your cabinet style, the color of paint or stain you choose will affect the overall look. Plus, you can have fun with bold colors such as red or green, a traditional color like dark blue, or stick to neutrals such as grays, tans and whites. Keep this in mind when choosing your wood if you don’t want to keep it natural.

Kitchen cabinets with navy blue and subway tile
Hardware is the finishing touch in your kitchen's cabinetry. When selecting your kitchen's hardware consider, the statement you would like to make.


Often referred to as the jewelry of the kitchen, hardware makes a major impact on your kitchen's cabinet style. Whether you choose a basic design with a neutral finish or an ornate vintage-style knob with a colorful finish, this final step will determine the vibe in your kitchen.

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  • I appreciate that you provided useful tips on how to choose a cabinetry design for my kitchen. My sister and I are planning to have our kitchen remodeled soon, which includes changing our cabinets. You mentioned that the hardware serves as the finishing touch of the cabinet. With that said, I shall then follow your advice to consider the statement I’d like to incorporate.

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