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Make a Spring Clean More Fun

Make a Spring Clean More Fun

Living room with shiplap walls, old furniture and teal accents

Doing a deep spring clean is an important task for every home. However, you may be like most of us and dread it because of the time and effort it requires to do properly. When the end result is simply a cleaner and more organized home, it can be near-impossible to get the blood flowing.

To make this task a little less daunting—and perhaps less chore-like—why not combine it with redesigning your home? Redesigning your home can turn your spring clean into a more exciting and rewarding experience. Consider these easy spring cleaning steps and the associated redesign possibilities they enable, and you'll be well on your way to a clean, organized and newly redesigned home.

vintage wood cabinets and oven and pot rack in kitchen in ranch renovation
In this kitchen, homeowner Jennifer Maxcy repurposed dressers. “These are two identical dressers, I didn’t even redo the fronts,” she says. When doing a spring clean, wipe down the fronts of the cabinets to get off any food spills. Photograph by Lu Tapp.

Decluttering and Surface Cleaning...

Start by taking a good look around your home. Are there items that may have accumulated clutter over time? (Hint: Check the kitchen counter, entryway side table and living room mantel.) Have you received any family heirlooms that remain unincorporated in your decor? Your spring clean is an ideal time to free up some space.

Take stock of what you already have, and determine which items you can donate or put into storage. This way, your home will be more of a blank slate, ready for you to implement design ideas, maximize space or outfit the farmhouse home of your dreams.

modern farmhouse living room with boho touches
The living room of homeowner Kaycie Chiampi has plenty of surfaces to clean, including the slats on the shutters and the fireplace (inside and out). A fireplace redesign would be a fun reward after the deep clean. Photograph by Rebekah Westover. Re-Arrange or Add Furniture

The space you freed up by decluttering can now have new furniture or spotlight existing pieces. A new chair, couch or coffee table can create an entirely different look and serve as a fresh centerpiece for the room. If you'd rather not buy new furniture, move some of your current pieces around instead. Changing the layout of a room can provide an entirely new atmosphere.

A neutral, basic home turned into a charming, customized farmhouse
For homes that have vaulted ceilings like the home of Ana Ochoa, you may have to get out a ladder to dust high-up areas. But pair this task with a paint refresh, and it won't be such a chore. Photograph by Chad Mellon.

Dust and Clean Fixtures, Ceilings and Walls...

Dusting and cleaning walls, ceilings and light fixtures is another vital part of your home's spring clean. Humans seem to have a biological aversion to cleaning duties that are above shoulder height, so at least one annual deep cleaning of the higher parts of the home is mandatory. Clear off the tops of cabinets, tall furniture, wall art and light fixtures.

Exposed ceiling beams are beautiful, but also attract spider webs. Vacuum along all your beams during your spring clean. But is it worth it? Of course! “All the wood is reclaimed and came from our ranch in Montana,” says homeowner Karen Snyder. “I love the look of old barn beams, and it’s a sentimental element in this space.” Photograph by Bret Gum. Prepare to Paint

In conjunction with deep cleaning the upper areas of your home, you can prepare to repaint or hang wallpaper. This might involve priming walls or sanding down any existing paint or wallpaper. If you're looking for a significant change, this is the best time to do it since all surfaces will be clean. If you plan on executing this type of redesign, save the spring clean of floors until afterward, as they'll bear the brunt of the mess you create.

Chrissy got creative and fashioned her entryway area to function as a mini mudroom.
As you vacuum upholstered furniture, examine it to see if it needs further help, such as spot cleaning, or even a refresh by repainting the legs or wood areas. Homeowner Chrissy Cignarella fashioned her entryway area to function as a mini mudroom. “I needed somewhere to place coats and bags as well as shoes, so the shelf and bench are nice to look at and decorate but also serve a purpose,” she says. Photograph by Ryan Liu.

Deep-Clean Furniture...

Finally, you should deep-clean furniture to keep your upholstery and leather in the best condition. If you regularly vacuum the surfaces of your sofas, chairs and upholstery, the annual spring clean tasks will be much less laborious. A good amount of your home's furniture fabric can probably be machine-washed, and doing so will leave your furniture pieces feeling fresh and new.

Montana homestead home stove and oven hood
Don't forget to scrub down hard-working pieces like your stove during your spring clean. You might reconsider a new range hood (or even a new stove) at the same time. In this Montana home, a working 1950s range with a custom vent hood is the show stopper. Photograph by Jeremiah and Rachel Photography.

...Before Reupholstering or Painting

Once the furniture is clean, you can consider reupholstering or even painting it. Repainting or upholstering your old furniture can revitalize it, and bringing your home's current furnishings up-to-date in this fashion costs a fraction of the price of new furniture. Use colors that match your wall paint or wallpaper to create a cohesive look in the room. Alternately, you can use colors that contrast with your walls to make a bold design statement.

Franklin Tennessee Project House exterior
Don't forget the outdoor areas of your home too. Cleaning your siding and power washing your front walk will make them look newer and fresher, as it does for this Nashville renovation. Photograph by Nick McGinn.

Fresh and New

Spring cleaning and home redesign don't have to be separate events. Combining the two can make for an efficient, productive event, the results of which you can be proud. By implementing some or all of these tips, you'll be well on your way to a freshly-redesigned, clean, organized, and summer-ready home!

Ready to get going? Ask yourself these 4 questions when decluttering. Of course, don’t forget to follow us on InstagramFacebook and Pinterest for more daily inspiration and farmhouse style.

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