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5 Activities For Labor Day

5 Activities For Labor Day

Lake and rope swing

Summer’s drawing to a close, which means fall is almost here! But with Labor Day, we get one more long weekend to kick up our heels. There are so many ways to occupy those delightfully work-free hours. What about some fun outdoor games appropriate for all ages, especially before the kids return to school? Or, have fun indoors too—there’s always a summer blockbuster to catch!

With so many options, it’s hard to narrow down the best choices, which is why we’ve done all the work (er, labor) for you. So, start your labor-free day right and check out our list of fun activities with a farmhouse style twist!

Table top with pizzas and drinks for Labor Day ideas

Pizza Party

If the weather isn't cooperating for a standard summer barbecue, not all is lost! You can make homemade pizza. Making it can be an event for the whole family, and then everyone can particularly enjoy tasting the fruits of their culinary labor! You can even try making it on the grill.

greyscale image of cowboy and horses

Have a Movie Night

Many cities are hosting drive-in or outdoor movies this summer, so take advantage, especially if they’ve got a classic western showing. Enjoy some Clint Eastwood or John Wayne flicks from the comfort of your car, and you’ll forget all about your Netflix account.

If you're the stay-at-home type, create your own Labor Day movie night with your family. Build a fort with the kids and watch a movie from inside it, or even put up your camping tent in the backyard and bring the popcorn outside to watch a movie on your laptop!

Lake and rope swing

Enjoy the Water

Wherever you are, try out your nearest large body of fresh water. It’s still summer after all, and fresh water sounds like a great way to beat the heat. Go swimming or fishing, but either way, don’t forget sunblock!

Another way to enjoy the water on Labor Day is to play water games. Get a back of water balloons and have the kids help you fill them up; then have a water balloon toss, or better yet, a water balloon war!

Skillet over barbeque

Cook Up a Cookout

There might not be a food more American than barbecue. Barbecue some ribs and hotdogs with a side of beans cooked up on an American-made cast-iron skillet for that country flavor on Labor Day.

While you're cooking up, set out a few outdoor games for your family to enjoy, like the classic cornhole. This game is fun for all ages, and depending on the design of the board, the game feels even more classically American. Did you know the game was first patented in Massachusetts in 1883?

Bison in an American National Park

Visit a National Park

Labor Day weekend is the perfect time to grab all the family and head to your nearest national park or historical site. From historic homesteads and farms to the beauty our country has to offer in its national parks, these sights are gorgeous and educational for all ages. 

Looking for more great ideas? Learn how to throw an outdoor dinner party! Of course, don’t forget to follow us on InstagramFacebook and Pinterest to get your daily dose of farmhouse inspiration!

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