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4th of July Farmhouse Décor

4th of July Farmhouse Décor

4th of July porch set up with red front door and bench and American flag wooden sign.

Embrace Independence Day with 4th of July farmhouse décor for your home! Keep it subtle and classy or embrace the fun and festive with these holiday décor ideas.

Tea Towels

Kitchen counter with white appliances and 4th of July décor and tea towels.
This classy kitchen features festive tea towels and a star serving plate, along with mini flags. Photo by Itty Bitty Farmhouse.

Incorporate the 4th of July holiday into your kitchen through red, white and blue tea towels or this star serving plate.

Blue Mason Jars

Blue mason jars on a shelf with white flowers and mini American flags.
These vintage blue mason jars not only embrace the color scheme of 4th of July farmhouse décor, but also add a traditional feel. Photo by Emily from Le Cultivateur blog.

These vintage blue mason jars are a classy tribute to the 4th of July. The color fits in with the holiday and they are perfect for holding flowers, mini flags or shelf décor.

Patriotic Throw Pillows

4th of July "Let Freedom Ring" throw pillows on an outdoor bench.
Photo from My Soulful Home.

Throw pillows with a quote or pattern like these ones are perfect for showing your patriotism. Pillow covers are a cost-effective alternative to buying new pillows for every holiday.

Vintage Crate Centerpiece

Antique red Coca-Cola crate filled with mini flags and greenery.
Photo by April Hoff.

A vintage red, white or blue crate is a more subtle nod to 4th of July farmhouse décor that adds a rustic feel. This vintage crate offers the colors of the holiday and reflects the traditional feel of the 4th.

Chalkboard Art

Chalkboard with United States line art on a shelf with other 4th of July décor.
The chalkboard art, wooden sign and other 4th of July farmhouse décor is more neutral in color. Photo from One Thousand Oaks.

Chalkboard art is a versatile way to customize your décor to your own farmhouse style. Try making your own line drawing of the United States or create a simple drawing of the American flag. Write a quote to create one of a kind sign art. Use colored chalk for an added element to your 4th of July art.

DIY Bunting

A DIY flip banner on a distressed white mantel with farmhouse 4th of July décor.
A set of bunting is a great DIY option for 4th of July farmhouse décor. Photo by Kimberly from A Wonderful Thought blog.

Bunting like this is the perfect 4th of July farmhouse décor for a mantel or shelf. Bunting is super easy to DIY for an added personal touch.

Red, White and Blue Flowers

4th of July bouquet with American flags and blueberry stems.
This bouquet features blueberry stems and mini American flags and flowers to make a red, white and blue bouquet. Photo by Holly Jolley.

Flowers are a farmhouse décor staple. Embrace the red, white and blue and create a 4th of July bouquet with your favorite flowers. Don’t be afraid to think outside the box to incorporate color, like using blueberry stems.

Mini Flags

4th of July décor centerpiece with candlesticks, vintage weight, and mini flags.
This room uses minimal red in its 4th of July décor which allows the flags to stand out amongst the shades of blue. Photo by Desiree Guy.

One of the most common 4th of July farmhouse décor elements is the flag. But you can be creative and make it your own. Use mini flags generously in centerpieces or spread them out around the house.

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Festive Table Setting

4th of July table setting with red and white striped table cloth and napkins.
This table setting features red, white and blue without using an American flag pattern for a simple 4th of July feel. Photo by Lory from To Have + To Host.

Your table setting can be part of your 4th of July farmhouse décor without including the stars and stripes. This dark blue charger pairs nicely with the red and white tablecloth and matching napkins.


Living room scene with 4th of July throw pillows and garland.
This red beaded garland can be used with summery and neutral décor or fun 4th of July throw pillows and signs. Photo by Sheila Trapp.

Garland is another 4th of July farmhouse décor option that can be used almost anywhere. Lay out a strand on a table or shelf or hang them on your mantle. Keep it neutral or go full on patriotic!

Books and Trinkets

Distressed white bookshelf with 4th of July decor, like antique red and white tins, books, and other trinkets.
This bookshelf uses antique trinkets as 4th of July farmhouse décor. The red and white tins, old shoes and clocks and other trinkets use color to tie into the holiday. Photo by Victoria from Lake Front Farmhouse.

You can use almost anything red, white or blue as 4th of July décor with intentionality. This shelf features old books and antique tins and crates. The antiques add age and tradition to the décor style.

Star-Spangled Banner Ladder

A living room with 4th of July décor, including a blanket ladder displaying American flags.
This living room has very traditional 4th of July décor with the floral paintings and embroidered pillows. Photo by Steph Harkins.

There’s nothing wrong with incorporating the American flag into your 4th of July farmhouse décor. Display it proudly on the wall or use this blanket ladder to drape your Star-Spangled Banner on.

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