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How to Hang a Barn Door

How to Hang a Barn Door

DIY sliding barn door

Editor’s Note: Astra Spanbauer @AtHomewithAstra is our 2022 Brand Ambassador! Today, she’s sharing with us how to hang a barn door!

There’s something about a barn door that brings a smile to my heart. I just renovated my en-suite bathroom, and I knew the final touch had to be a great barn door. Let’s talk about hardware and hanging a barn door.

What You’ll Need

DIY hanging a barn door

First, you need a door. You can build one yourself or purchase one. I built this one myself. Make sure the door is wide enough to cover the entire door frame. You will also need to have enough wall space for the door to slide out of the frame when it’s open.

Once you have your barn door, it’s time to pick mounting hardware. I decided to go with the 6-foot powder-coated black barn door hardware in Wagon Wheel from Delaney Hardware. It’s a bit rustic, and still modern with a hassle-free, quick installation process.

DIY sliding barn door

How To Hang A Barn Door

You need a header board to ensure that your hardware is securely mounted. I used a 1x6x6-foot pine board and directly screwed it into the studs above the doorway (this will not come with your hardware mounting kit).

Next, install the hardware. For the Delaney Hardware kit, this includes installing the wagon wheel hangers on your barn door, and then mounting the track to the header board. You’ll install stops on each end of the track, as well as anti-jump discs on the top of the door, to keep the door from sliding off. Now you’re finally ready to hang your barn door.

DIY barn door

Finishing Touches

Last but not least, don’t forget door pulls. I decided on the Delaney Hardware powder-coated black round barn door handle on the exterior, and the flush barn door finger pull for the interior.

I was able to finish this project in less than 30 minutes, and it created a huge visual impact. The barn door was the perfect addition to the space.

DIY sliding barn door

Astra DIY hang a barn door

Astra Spanbauer is the American Farmhouse Style 2022 Brand Ambassador, and the voice behind At Home with Astra. Astra lives with her family in Oklahoma. You can follow along with her online:

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