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The Scandinavian Farmhouse Winter Look

The Scandinavian Farmhouse Winter Look

neutral color palette with pine accents dining room

Discover how to integrate Scandinavian farmhouse winter style into your home with these tips.

Scandinavian farmhouse style is a minimalist and clean look that combines the "hygge" of Scandi style with the warmth and welcome of the farmhouse. Here are 3 tips from blogger Kate Landry of A Hundred Affections for how to get the Scandinavian farmhouse winter look in your own home.

scroll art and pine branches for rustic winter decor

Keep it Neutral

For a Scandinavian farmhouse winter, opt for muted tones like creams and beiges. “I bring in just the tiniest bit of color for this minimalist look," says Kate. "I choose evergreen pieces to brighten up the muted colors a bit and tie everything back to winter looks."

Scandinavian winter inspired decor wood carvings and pine accents

Go Natural

Scandinavian farmhouse winter style loves natural tones like bare wood and simple sprigs of evergreen. If your farmhouse leans provincial or rustic, choose to highlight your plain wood pieces, burlap accents or woven details. Take away anything too decorated, shiny or ornate.

On the other hand, Scandinavian style also boasts clean and sleek modern lines. If you have any pieces that can bring clean simplicity to the space, like simple plastic or wood art frames without embellishments, even better.

pine branches as tabletop decor Scandinavian winter decor

Balance Symmetry with Interest

Many of Kate’s own Scandinavian farmhouse winter vignettes offer symmetry with a twist. For example, in her dining room, she adds identical mini trees align on the table, but DIYed brown paper snowflakes in the window are hung at different heights.

Meanwhile, sprigs of evergreen in the glass jug sit at different depths to create interest in the centerpiece. “I like the balance of symmetry, but I try to coordinate as opposed to matching everything exactly," she says.

Scandinavian winter table settings

Head here to see the ins and outs of Scandinavian farmhouse style! And of course, don’t forget to follow us on InstagramFacebook, and Pinterest to get your daily dose of farmhouse inspiration! 

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