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Collecting Amber Glass Bottles

Collecting Amber Glass Bottles

Brown bottles displayed in shelf

Brown or amber glass bottles are a fun vintage collectible to hunt for and showcase in your home.

Amber glass was very practical and purposeful between the 16th and 19th centuries. It was often used by chemists and pharmacists to store liquids that were sensitive to light. Sometimes you can tell the history by any raised designs or seams on the amber glass bottles, which could indicate production during the Great Depression era. Even if you discover a piece that’s newer, like vintage Clorox bottles, these are so much fun to collect.

Glass bottles displayed with gardening supplies


I have brown Amber brown glass bottles in all different sizes and purchase them based on their appeal, not necessarily their history. I’ve found them at garage sales, thrift stores, antiques stores, flea markets and even a small one buried in a dirt pile. One of my favorites is a gallon jug with the old cork inside the neck, which I found on a dusty clearance shelf at an antiques store. The search is so much fun because you never know where you will come across one.

Glass bottles sitting on top of a black cabinet


Amber glass bottles can be displayed with pottery, crocks or other glassware in your favorite hutch or on an open shelf. Some people display them atop kitchen cabinets to add warmth, visual detail and keep them out of the way. Amber glass bottles make a beautiful tablescape with almost any color scheme, or add interest to gardening or potting supplies. I like to add seasonal flowers and greenery to mine.

Amber glass bottles lined up on a shelf

 Amy and her husband live on almost six acres in Florida, and Amy loves to decorate, treasure hunt and repurpose vintage items.  She has a decor blog, Cotton and Rust, and a small business selling some of her finds. 

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