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Modern Farmhouse Architecture

Modern Farmhouse Architecture

The side of a home for modern farmhouse architecture

The modern farmhouse is a 21st-century take on the traditional farmhouse style that has stood the test of time in America for the last 200 years. Key to this style twist is modern farmhouse architecture, which is the bones of the home. Here are some of its essential elements.

Exterior of modern farmhouse architecuture
The modern farmhouse architecture on this home is combined with a modern neutral palette of slate gray and sandstone. Photograph by Cesar Rubio.

Clean Lines

The lines in the farmhouse are mostly straight. This translates to a clean style, from the roofline and exterior features to doorways, staircase railings and cabinets.

For an exterior with modern farmhouse architecture, choose gables, which have triangular rooflines that provide straight (clean) lines. You can also choose wall paneling both inside and out that has straight lines, from the classic farmhouse shiplap and board and batten inside to clapboard for the exterior siding.

Dramatic staircase with a window and steel handrail in a wood paneled farmhouse
Modern farmhouse staircases are straight and clean, with visible lines and no nonsense, like in this house. Photograph by Seamus Payne.

Rustic Wood

Wood is a staple of any type of farmhouse style, but in modern farmhouse architecture, wood is key. Use it as flooring, but also put it in the ceiling as exposed wood beams, on cabinet fronts or as a reclaimed wood accent. Just remember to keep the feel clean and crisp.

Farmhouse boys’ bedroom with DIY reclaimed wood wall and checked bedding.
This wood accent wall was a DIY project in homeowner Holly Lauritzen's house. The overall mood exudes modern farmhouse architecture because of the wood additions and high-contrast color palette. Photograph by Michael Hunter.

Black Metal

Black metal—particularly with a matte finish—is a favorite of modern farmhouse architecture. This includes elements like window frames, faucets, door knobs and other hardware. You can even add black metal through furniture like Windsor dining chairs, kitchen barstools or a bench in the entryway.

A kitchen with a butcher block counter, subway tile, and a marble countertop in a custom farmhouse
In the home of Jaclyn James, she used black metals and various textures, such as shiplap paneling, subway tile, butcher-block and a marble countertop in her kitchen to maintain modern farmhouse architecture. Photograph by Chad Mellon.

Subtle Color Palettes

There's not a lot of bright color in modern farmhouse architecture. There's nothing wrong with color, of course! But if you want a lot of color, you'll see it more often in the farm cottage or with vintage farmhouse style.

Instead, modern farmhouse architecture relies on high-contrast, yet neutral, colors. Black and white is a common color scheme in this type of architecture—for example, a white farmhouse exterior with black metal window frames. Or white Shaker cabinets with black metal drawer pulls and door knobs. You'll also see a lot of patterned tiles with high-contrast colors.

Minnesota bathroom vanity
Modern, clean lines blend with farmhouse textures in the bathroom of this Minnesota farmhouse. The tile flooring adds a pop of high-contrast pattern without a lot of color. Design by David Charlez Designs; photograph by Landmark & Minneapolis.

Industrial Accents

Modern farmhouse architecture has a lot of overlaps with the urban, rustic feel of industrial farmhouse style. Black metal and rustic wood are also characteristic of the urban industrial farmhouse.

When it comes to architecture, add elements like industrial lighting, exposed wood ceiling beams and open bathroom vanities. Gold accents also pair well with the black metal in these elements (like the bathroom above, which has a black mirror and cabinet hardware with gold wall sconces and sink fixtures). Exposed brick is also a good material choice to match modern farmhouse architecture.

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