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Collecting Marmalade Crocks

Collecting Marmalade Crocks

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I’m Tayler, the owner of Flipping Vintage. I collect one-of-a kind items to sell on my website, These stunning Dundee marmalade crocks are one such item. I obsess over finding that one piece that's not in my collection. 

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Where to Find Marmalade Crocks

Marmalade crocks can be quite difficult to find, one of the reasons why they're a bit more expensive. Most go for around $60-$120. You can find them online, in antique shops, and if you get really lucky, in the “wild” such as a garage sale/ thrift store or even dug up from the ground! 

What to Look For

Dundee marmalade crocks come in all different sizes and styles. They were made from 1797-1928, so the style has changed throughout the years. The early jars are bulky with a rounded top that once had a cork as a lid with sometimes hard-to-read writing. Newer jars have a screw-on lid with easy-to-read writing. If you're not sure if you have an authentic piece—go have it looked at just to make sure! 

Marmalade Crocks: A History 

James Keiller & Sons started in the late 1700s in Scotland. They were the first company to produce marmalade as a commerce item during that time. Dundee sold their products in the beautiful advertising crocks we love and collect today. Their company sadly ended in 1992, but their crocks will be forever loved by many of us antiques lovers! 

vintage marmalade jars in kitchen

Display Ideas

If you have more than one marmalade jar, you can arrange them together in your display. Try stacking them on top of each other (make sure you use earthquake putty so they don't fall over). You can also insert them among your other vintage dishware!

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