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Weighing In on Antique Scales

Weighing In on Antique Scales

Decorating vignette with green vintage items with herb garden
Kitchen countertop with old black scale and farmhouse decor

Antique scales have become a popular collectible, adding interest and creativity throughout the home. Scales have always been an important tool in kitchens, apothecaries and mercantiles. They weigh many items, including medicinal ingredients, dry goods, spices and foods.

Their nostalgic appeal now lends to various opportunities to reuse vintage scales in new and creative ways throughout the home. Here are several ways to style with vintage scales in your own home.

Decorating vignette with green vintage items and antique scale with herb garden

Kitchen Herb Garden

The Craigslist ad for this white porcelain scale read “VERY Heavy, Bring Help!”

Yes, it is quite heavy! But also well worth the $50 price tag. The antique Toledo scale was most likely used to weigh meats in a butcher shop. When a backyard garden is not possible, this beveled glass beauty transforms into a kitchen countertop herb garden. Fresh herbs are close at hand during meal preparation and add wonderful flavor. Collectible, green cabbage plates stand ready to serve the family meal.

Brick dining room with antique scale serving a cheese platter

Party Food Platter

A Turnbull double-sided general store scale with marble insert sets the perfect stage for a charcuterie board. Once a utilitarian tool for measure, now a variety of cheeses, fruits, nuts and crackers “tip the antique scale” in an unique way to provide delicious tidbits for family and guests.

Green antique scale with two paintings above in a bathroom

Bathroom Toiletry Tray

A charming, green kitchen balance scale is a delightful addition to a bathroom countertop. This antique scale now holds fresh hand towels, while the white marble insert showcases a collection of antique toiletry bottles. The decor also features $2 watercolors from a thrift store.

Insert White and Brass Scale

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Buffet-Style Snack Service

This white washed cast iron scale features two brass pans with a lovely patina. They are ready to serve up vintage silverware and linen napkins in preparation for an impromptu snack or a family-favorite dessert. A beloved grandmother’s recipe and dessert plates host the delicious treat.

Antique scales are at flea markets, antiques store and the online marketplace. Head there to shop and bring balance and warmth to any space in your home.

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