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Thanksgiving Tablescape With Elegant Neutrals

Thanksgiving Tablescape With Elegant Neutrals

Blue dining room with Thanksgiving tablescape and pumpkins on a raise platform

Editor's Note: Nissa-Lynn was one of the finalists for our 2023 Brand Ambassador contest! See the entries of our other finalists (here, here and here). Today, she's sharing with us her DIY Thanksgiving tablescape.

As the seasons change, fall ushers in cool crisp nights, falling leaves, pumpkin decor, cider and cozy sweaters.

Thanksgiving will soon be here, and families will gather around a loved one’s kitchen or dining room table to celebrate the season of gratitude and renewed blessings. Creating a fun and festive Thanksgiving tablescape is my way to welcome family and friends into my home and help make the holiday feel special.

pumpkins as a centerpiece for a Thanksgiving tablescape

DIY Centerpiece for the Thanksgiving Tablescape

I love to think of an empty table as a canvas, and the pieces as the paint. Creating a Thanksgiving tablescape can be a wonderful way to be creative and expressive. I always start with the centerpiece and make it the focal point of the table.

My table is just over eight feet long, so I wanted to use an extra long elevated centerpiece. But I couldn’t find one in the stores so I decided to make my own! I went to my local hardware store and bought a large board and some furniture feet.

woman outside using power tool

Once home, I gathered the materials and planned out my next steps. To make this centerpiece a bit more interesting, I used a router to create a decorative edge. If you don’t have a router, or want a simpler technique, just use sandpaper to round off the corners for a smooth finished look.

woman outside using wood feet for centerpiece

Afterwards, I drilled holes in one side of the board and hammered in threaded plugs to attach the feet. With the feet attached, it was time to paint. I chose a satin white spray paint for a quick durable finish. After the paint dried I went back over it with sandpaper to create a rustic texture for my Thanksgiving tablescape.

table top with fall themed centerpiece

Creating Coziness with Decor

With the board complete, it was time to decorate my Thanksgiving tablescape (my favorite part!). Going around the table, I started layering the plates, using charger as a base, followed by the dinner and salad plates. By putting the largest plates down first, it gives me an idea on how much room I have to add the decorative pieces, such as candles near the centerpiece.

Next, I place the glasses, silverware and napkins with napkin holders. (There’s a wide assortment of napkin holders available.) I love to mix in florals, pumpkins, faux leaves, and sprinkle them around the Thanksgiving tablescape to create ambiance. You could also incorporate a small charcuterie board mixed in with the decor.

I hope these ideas spark your creativity and get you excited for the upcoming holiday season!

headshot of Nissa-Lynn Parson

Hey y’all! I’m Nissa-Lynn! I’m a Texas based Interior Decorator & Brand Influencer passionate about using creativity to make life beautiful—especially for my five children. (Holiday decorating is my jam!) I love sharing decorating tips, DIY projects, and party décor to inspire others to love the space they're in!

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