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How to Get a Cozy Outdoor Space

How to Get a Cozy Outdoor Space

fire pit side chairs and plants on back porch

How do you get a cozy outside space that still has pieces that will work through every season? My back porch was in need of some serious help, and Villa Outdoors is a go-to. They have everything from sofas to tables, to the best fire pits. And the patio furniture looked just as it did online when it came to our house.

Here’s how this space did a 180˚ turnaround.

Step 1: Furniture

Start with furniture. I picked the Villa Outdoors furniture I liked that would be neutral but not get dirty. I designed one seating area on my porch but mixed the textures between the wicker chairs and sectional for a varied look.

patio outdoor room with furniture and fire pit

Step 2: Accents

Next, I decided to start pulling out accent colors for my cozy outdoor space. The Villa Outdoors sectional has a darker tinge, and the wicker on the chairs has some darker tones, too, so I decided on black for throw pillows.

Make sure you also have an outdoor rug if you want a rug. Outdoor rugs let water come through so it doesn’t rot your porch or floor.

side chair plant coffee table on bach porch

Step 3: Plants

Plants are a must, too; you can mix faux and live plants. I like to choose ones that will bloom with color, like pathos and gypsophila trees. For the pots, I always like vessels that have texture. I chose some vintage boxes and baskets that go with the neutrals.

fire pit side chairs and plants on back porch

Now we are ready to enjoy our cozy outdoor space with soft but durable, weather-resistant furniture. Creating outdoor spaces can be challenging since you never know what will hold up to the weather. But rest assured, you’re in safe hands here with Villa Outdoors.

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