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Customized, Cozy Farmhouse Sofa

Customized, Cozy Farmhouse Sofa

custom white farmhouse sofa in living room

Check out these tips for creating the perfect farmhouse sofa.

I recently had the honor of designing a farmhouse sofa with Sherrill Furniture. Sherrill’s amazing design team walked me through every step of the process, offering their help and expertise along the way. There are many options to choose from—every customer is sure to find the design that fits their needs.

So, let’s talk about designing a sofa that communicates a cozy farmhouse style, as well as how to select the perfect design for your farmhouse!

profile view of white customized farmhouse sofa

Big Picture

First, figure out what style of sofa you want. (Trust me, it can be hard because Sherrill Furniture has so many great choices!) Keeping an old farmhouse in mind while looking at their designs, I knew the 9600/9700 Custom Program was the right fit for our home. This program allows you to select the material and design you want for your sofa. 

Once you settle on the overall look, you can dive into the nitty gritty. For example, do you want a skirt, or do you prefer clean, solid lines? I chose a skirt because it gave me that cozy, textured vintage farmhouse feel I like. You can draw inspiration from magazines and pictures online to decide the look you want.

Doing Details

Now for my favorite part! I love some good throw pillows—and to me, sofa cushions are just giant throw pillows. That means they need a great color, warm texture and good fluff. But is it possible to have a white sofa that is also functional—especially with dogs, kids and everyday family life? My answer is always going to be yes—with the right fabric! Sherrill Furniture has so many (and I mean so many) types of fabric that will work with any home and situation. Extra fluff in our cushions filled with down, paired with the inside-out fabric in creamy white, is what brought my vision of our sofa to life!

white sofa in farmhouse style living room

When it comes to choosing a sofa for your living spaces, Sherrill Furniture’s got you covered! They have the style, color, texture and details you want in a sofa design that is functional for any home.  

Jessica Sigmon is the American Farmhouse Style 2023 Brand Ambassador, and the voice behind Itty Bitty Farmhouse. She lives with her husband and pup in North Carolina. 

Jessica Sigmon headshot

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