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How to Stay Sane at Christmas

How to Stay Sane at Christmas

small potted trees and greenery garland in primary bedroom

It’s easy to get overwhelmed during this busy time. Let experienced mother of five Tamela Adams share her top tips for how to stay sane at Christmas in all the holiday madness.

Christmas garland on headboard
The primary bedroom is the definition of a winter wonderland with bright whites, soft lights and festive greenery. “I love clean, crisp and white,” Tamela says, “and I love at Christmas adding a pop of green color.” 

Shop Early

“One thing I always try to do is to shop early,” Tamela says. “Even picking up little things I see that I know the kids will like in their stockings makes it so much easier when it comes to the last day.” By starting early, you can avoid much of the stress of holiday shopping. It gives you extra time to get everything you need, gives you a better chance of items not being sold out and frees up your time for other last-minute necessities.

word art and nativity Christmas vignette
Rather than overstated décor in every space, Tamela decorates with nooks of Christmas cheer. “I just want simple and welcoming,” she says. Tamela values her faith, and she received this special Nativity scene as a gift all the way from the Philippines.

Make a List

And check it twice. Tamela likes to make a list of the family’s favorite holiday activities and stick to it. “There is always so much you can do, but sometimes we get so busy decorating and doing other things that we don’t stop to enjoy the quality time with our families,” she says. Making a list and sticking to it will help you prioritize the fun family traditions, whether it’s looking at Christmas lights or cuddling up by the fire with a good movie and hot cocoa.

freestanding bathtub and shiplap in farmhouse bathroom
“A freestanding bathtub creates a look I love,” Tamela says. “It gets a lot of use.” Shiplap and wooden accents make the space feel distinctly farmhouse.

Say no. This is a hard one, but remember that there are only so many hours in the day, and the Christmas season is only a few weeks long. Learn how to say no to the low-priority events and activities that, if you’re not careful, will crowd out the activities you really want to do with family and friends.

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Stack of blueberry lime scones

fresh garland and wooden beads laundry room Christmas decor
Tamela’s signature simplicity carries into the laundry room with bright white counters and shiplap walls. A collection of vintage bottles is dressed up for Christmas with a garland.

To see more of Tamela’s home in holiday accouterments, see A Family Friendly Christmas. Of course, don’t forget to follow us on InstagramFacebook and Pinterest to get your daily dose of farmhouse inspiration! 

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