Jillian Chapman

Title: Freelance Writer

Location: Orange County, California

Expertise: Decor

Jillian began her writing career while working through college. She has continued to follow that passion in the years since. Jillian thrives in combining her experience and education to craft insightful and engaging writing. She loves to research and collaborate with others in order to tell stories that bring value to readers’ lives. Jillian’s love of writing was initially born from her passion for reading. She enjoys all genres including fantasy, historical fiction, non-fiction, thriller and more. She believes one of the best ways to be a great writer is to be a great reader and tries to spend as much time as she can reading. When not reading or writing, Jillian enjoys punk rock concerts, swimming and spending time with family. Jillian lives in Orange County, California with her significant other, two children and their dog. Her work can be found through Linkedin or her personal website.


Jillian is a freelance writer with years of experience writing and editing magazine articles, blog posts, social media content, and more. She has worked with media companies, social media accounts, local government and public libraries. Along with writing and editing, she also has experience in research, interviewing, SEO practices and marketing.


She received her bachelor's degree in English Literature, Rhetoric and Cultural Studies from Chapman University.

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