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Budget Christmas Décor for your Farmhouse

Budget Christmas Décor for your Farmhouse

Decorating for the most wonderful time of the year can sometimes feel intimidating—especially when you’re on a budget. While going out to buy all new Christmas décor works for some people, a lot of what you already own can be DIYed or repurposed to create an equally enchanting Christmas farmhouse with budget Christmas decor.

Brighten your season once again with these ten budget-friendly décor hacks that will bring Christmas cheer back to your farmhouse.

1. DIY Christmas Reindeer Book Stack

Open shelves in a Christmas bookcase decorated with Christmas decor, including a gingerbread house with an elf-on-the-shelf on the roof.
Homeowner Jenna creates a festive bookshelf full of Christmas décor.

This cheap DIY can create a fun element for any bookshelf. You’ll need access to a computer and printer, as well as nine thin books. Type out the names of each of the nine reindeer in a typewriter font, each in the middle of their own sheet of paper. Print the nine sheets of paper and wrap them around your old books, aligning the reindeer names on the spine. For an extra element, wrap the book stack in twine.

2. A Budget Ornament Bowl

bowl of christmas ornaments on display
Author Leslie writes about hosting the perfect Christmas party, her décor setting the scene well.

This budget Christmas décor is one of the easiest pieces to create. Any basket or bucket will work, and if you don’t have enough leftover ornaments to fill it entirely, you can always create a false bottom in your bucket, giving it the illusion that you do.

3. Butcher Paper Calligraphy Décor

DIY word art Christmas decor
Homeowner Astra creates a homey Christmas space with calligraphy décor.

Not sure how to create this budget Christmas calligraphy décor? Check out this article for a step-by-step.

4. Nesting Gift Boxes

Blogger Sarah Wagner uses her holiday décor to make the space seem larger than it is.
Blogger Sarah Wagner creates a warm layered bedroom to chase away the cold.

Whether you buy a cheap set of nesting boxes online, or create your own by wrapping small boxes and tying a ribbon around them, this Christmas décor is simple and budget-friendly.

5. Budget Blanket Tree Skirt

The outside porch of the white Christmas home with stone flooring, a decorative pine tree and a galvanized steel bucket full of chopped wood.
Instagrammer Jo creates a cozy farmhouse porch.

Instead of dropping money on a new Christmas tree skirt, keep your budget by simply wrapping your tree with a blanket you already own.

6. Gingerbread and Candy Décor

Santa's Workshop theme decor for Christmas
Homeowner Annette’s hand painted porcelain gingerbread houses look good enough to eat.

Christmas Gingerbread kits can get awfully expensive—try instead baking the gingerbread yourself, and experimenting with colored frosting and minimal candy for your budget Christmas decor. If you were to buy a bundle of candy canes, for example, they could double in use for Christmas décor in a hot cocoa stand (see idea #10).

7. Jingle Bell String Décor

rustic bell garland and greenery on coat rack
Homeowner Tamela drapes a string of bells in her entryway.

Jingle bell strings are a fun and delicate take on Christmas décor. Not to mention, a pack of small golden bells will cost under five dollars, the same for a roll of fishing wire or twine to make this budget-friendly DIY.

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8. Santa’s Nice List Budget Décor

Santa's Workshop theme decor for Christmas
Homeowner Annette created this Christmas table runner to compliment her farmhouse’s “Santa’s Workshop” theme.

Like the butcher paper calligraphy idea, Santa’s “nice list”, or “naughty list” if feeling mischievous, only requires a good pen and paper. Table runners can get expensive, so this alternative helps for your budget Christmas decor.

9. Mini Bottlebrush Tree Forest

Side table with candy bar and pink and red Christmas decorations
Annette continued her theme into the kitchen, colorful trees sprinkling the hallway with a touch of playfulness.

Bottle brush trees are cheap to find online, and often come in large packs. Purchasing a variety and scattering them around a shelf can create a fun forest effect of Christmas décor.

10. Cocoa Station

Santa mugs and peppermint sticks with cedar sprig
Instagrammer Tamela creates a stack of Santa mugs.

As seen in the previous décor tip, a cocoa station can be as small or large as you make it. It can be budget Christmas decor with a small tray of milk and cookies for Santa to munch on, or a more permanent station full of jars of cocoa and toppings.

Want more Christmas décor inspo with a French twist? Check out a French Christmas Shopping list here. Of course, don’t forget to follow us on InstagramFacebook and Pinterest to get your daily dose of farmhouse inspiration! 

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