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Cozy Dreams in a Farm-Cottage Bedroom

Cozy Dreams in a Farm-Cottage Bedroom

This farm-cottage bedroom shows off the comforts of home with a white comforter, peel-away gray patterned wallpaper and plenty of windows for natural light.

If you’ve followed along with our project house this year, you’ve been witness to our dream home becoming a reality. We’ve teamed up with Cottages and Bungalows and Yankee Barn Homes to build our dream house. It incorporates farmhouse and cottage styles, both of which are rooted in traditional and timeless elements.

But with modern comforts comes modern design, and our talented team has been working to combine old with new. “We have continued to use the language of farmhouse and cottage architectural detailing throughout the house for practicality, but also to make the house feel timeless and not brand new,” says Jeffrey Rosen, creative director at Yankee Barn Homes. With the help of designer Joanne Palmisano and our incredible sponsors, our project home is ready for another reveal—the ever glowing farm-cottage bedroom!

The layout of a room can determine the design features just as much as your preferences. Combine comforts with necessities.

Vintage Meets Modern

The master bedroom acts as a relaxing escape with its soothing color palette and the stunning view of the surrounding scenery. “I was going for a casual, modern eclectic farmhouse feel—a room you could just relax in but feel a sense of style as well,” says designer Joanne Palmisano. “I worked with a soft blue theme, trying to play off of different blues, grays and natural wood colors.”

This farm-cottage bedroom window seat is below ceiling windows as well as beside wall windows. It has two gray pillows and a blue blanket and built in wall-shelves next to it.
Window seats are not only fun, inviting places to sit, but they can also serve a hidden purpose. “In this house, they conceal the baseboard radiators,” says Jeff. “In other houses, they can provide extra storage.” The blue rug from Shades of Light adds a touch of color that mimics the sky.

Part of the natural wood vibe comes from the hardwood flooring from Olde Wood. “The master bedroom is on the first floor of the house, continuing the theme of multigenerational/age-in-place living,” says Jeff. “To make the house feel as large as possible, it made sense to continue the wood floor into the master bedroom.”

The wall light in this farm-cottage bedroom has a black dome shade with a silver neck.
Though the room gets plenty of natural light, they installed Golden Lighting sconces above each built-in bookshelf. These provide extra lighting at night, and they highlight the shelving with an industrial farmhouse accent.


Joanne wanted to ensure the room had a mix of timeless farmhouse with a modern edge. So she chose classic furniture pieces, including the bed and nightstands, and accented them with contemporary patterns, such as the WallFlora wallpaper and the blue rug. “I used high-end elements, like the Ethnicraft bed, with a mix of eclectic vintage pieces from Vermont Antique Mall,” says Joanne. “The removable wallpaper from WallFlora really added texture and dimension. And I love the modern look of the gorgeous Parachute bedding.” The rug from Shades of Light grounded the bed and created a feeling of casual elegance to the space.

This white, built-in window seat has a blue floral ceramic vase with tall leafy greens and a built-in wall cabinet next to it.

Of course, the real stunner in this space is the window seat surrounded by large windows from sponsor Marvin Windows and three skylights. “Window seats give a sense of timelessness, and in the New England climate, add a great place to hang out and absorb the sun on cold winter days,” says Jeff. The natural lighting coming through the windows and the glass porch door keeps the space feeling open and airy. “ Each piece really plays off the other and allows these rooms to feel modern as well as inviting,” says Joanne.

This farm-cottage bedroom has a mottled blue and white rug with a solid sea-foam-colored dresser next to the bed.
Joanne Palmisano opted for a dresser beside the bed instead of a nightstand due to the location of the porch door. It also helps ground the bold wallpaper pattern with a solid color.

Classic Beauty

To continue the calming vibe in our farm-cottage bedroom, Jeff opted for a mostly white palette in the master bath. “The design is simple, clean and full of neutral-color materials: hex white Carrara floor tile, white Carrara stone countertop, oversized white subway tile on the shower walls, white plumbing fixtures and the Crown Point Cabinetry vanity all wrapped with the same color used in the adjoining bedroom for a sense of flow,” he says. Black light fixtures from Golden Lighting and black hardware from Signature Hardware accent the white color palette. Even smaller touches such as these can ground the space with their dark finish.

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The bathroom has off-white, hex tile flooring paired with white cabinetry.
Jeff chose a white foundation with the Crown Point Cabinetry vanity and white Carrara stone countertop.

The layout was a priority to ensure functionality, along with its elegant design. “We wanted to keep the bathroom large in feeling, even though it’s a small space,” says Jeff. “There’s a large, almost square shower, double sinks and plenty of lighting.” With the modern comforts and classic architecture, this home is truly a new old treasure.

The bathroom of this farm-cottage bedroom has off-white floor tiles and white cabinetry with black handle accents in the bathroom.
The texture from the oversized white subway shower tiles and the white hex Carrara floor tile breaks up the white. “The key to this bathroom’s elegance is its neutral colors,” says Jeff.

The layout of a room can determine the design features just as much as your preferences. In this case, “the master bed is against the wall with the door to the porch,” says Joanne. “I didn’t want … your typical side tables because of the room layout configuration, so I used a vintage dresser on one side instead.”

The window seat in this farm-cottage bedroom showcases a beautiful view of bright green forest land, plus double hung windows for farmhouse style
Window seats are practically a staple in a farm-cottage bedroom. “I love window seats,” says Jeff.  “They add easy, instant and economic architectural detail.”

For Joanne’s tips on where you should put the bed in a bedroom, check out the post here. Of course, don’t forget to follow us on InstagramFacebook and Pinterest to get your daily dose of farmhouse inspiration!

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