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How to Get an Organized Entryway

How to Get an Organized Entryway

entryway for decluttering

When you rid your home of clutter, you also rid your home of chaos. In Melissa Michael’s book, Simple Organizing: 50 Ways to Clear the Clutter she teaches you to embrace a mind-set of simplicity and make the most of your living space so you can feel at home when you walk through the door. You can do this with an organized entryway.

“Simple organizing is about making the most of the space you have and creating a home that works for your family so you can get on to the most important things in life,” Melissa writes. “The things that aren’t things at all. That’s the heart behind simple organizing.” Here are three ways to make your organized entryway stand out.

round mirror hung on a white wall above a brown repurposed wood cabinet
A warm, repurposed wood cabinet is a great place for holding gadgets and other personal belongings. Items you may have in your cabinet command central may include mail, home notes and even Wifi passwords.

Commanding Orders

It’s important to take charge of the space you have, and not let the space take charge of you. Make a plan and take it one step, and one section, at a time. One way to jump start your decluttering process is to “repurpose a small cabinet or dresser (or even the inside of a kitchen cabinet or linen closet) to create a stylish landing spot for important entryway necessities,” Melissa writes.

Make that single piece of furniture your only area for an organized entryway, and forbid yourself (and your family) from piling papers, office supplies or other sundry items anywhere else downstairs.

an off-white, low-level striped drawer containing gift wrap supplies
This off-white, low-level striped drawer is an excellent farmhouse accent. Low-level shelves are great for holding tape, crafts and letter writing materials.

Optimally Organized Entryway

When thinking about creating an organized entryway space that’s relaxing instead of stressful, make sure each item you bring home on a regular basis has its own spot. Keep a metal basket for incoming bills, a peg board for your kids’ school notifications and small bowls to hold office supplies like scissors, tape and pencils. This will help you not only stay organized, but your family as well.

A home entryway with 6 hanger racks holding a white jacket green backpack and blue jeans jacket
The crisp white colors, high hanging lamp and double dutch door all combine in this entryway to give a clean farmhouse welcome to all who enter.

Fashioning Your Entryway

Add functional and decorative elements to feel at home, such as a coat rack, or a refurbished bench with storage, to create a simple look that will help you like the area enough to stick to cleanliness and and organized entryway. “A pretty vase or vessel on an entry table can remind you to commit to keeping surfaces clear of clutter,” Melissa writes. Adding simple farmhouse accents will help you keep things clean and polished.

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Clearing your home of clutter and creating a more cohesive organized entryway will provide your family and friends with a wonderful and warm welcome. When you simplify your space, you’re simplifying theirs too. “If coats and backpacks and keys are easy to access, we can head out the door with a positive attitude,” Melissa writes. “But if we’re scrambling to find important papers and searching for a matching shoe, we’re not going to start off our day on the right foot. Maybe even literally!”

Simple Organizing: 50 Ways to Clear the Clutter by Melissa Michaels, published by Harvest House Publishers, © 2018.

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