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Why Buy American-made Appliances?

Why Buy American-made Appliances?

A stove, an American-made appliance, surrounded by several wooden fixtures and a collection of pots hanging above

Over the past few years, buying American-made appliances has been a relevant discussion among producers and consumers alike. Yet, despite this open exchange of ideas, not everyone is conscious of the benefits behind their purchasing decisions. Here are a few advantages to shopping American-made, as well as our favorite US-based brands to decorate a happy home.

Beneficial Labor Conditions

A strictly humanitarian reason to support the production of American-made appliances, is that working conditions can be adequately regulated. If products are outsourced to other countries, working conditions may lack the same transparency.

Of course, this is not to discredit the character of any outside country. But if appliances are produced through US companies, it’s guaranteed these products were made under laws that protect their workers.

Simply put, if you purchase appliances made in the United States, you omit the possibility of supporting inadequate working arrangements or any form of child labor. So make the conscious decision and buy domestic appliances to decorate your home in a more ethical manner.

Reduced Pollution

Saving the bees while you’re shopping, could it get any better? When you buy appliances domestically, you effectively reduce the global carbon emissions required to transport items across seas.

Of course, this doesn’t solve the magnitude of the world’s pollution problem. But it most definitely hampers the fossil fuels sent into the atmosphere, ultimately reducing our carbon footprint as a whole.

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Human Health

Another reason to support the production of American-made appliances, is that it lowers the risk of health-based safety threats. Given their strict health and safety codes, US-based companies must adhere to environmental regulations to protect their employees.

And as mentioned previously, if non-US companies produce appliances, consumers do not have the same reassurance that their purchase is affecting human health negatively. With an American-made appliance, you can be confident that certain health and environmental codes are met to bring those stylish products to your home. (Read more about the importance of buying American-made at

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Our Favorite American-made Brands:

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  • I’m going to need to buy some appliances next year since I plan to upgrade everything in my house. Thanks for letting me know that I should consider buying American-made appliances because US-based companies comply with strict safety codes that I can trust to avoid fire hazards. I think I’ll look around soon so I’ll know where to go when I need to buy one.

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