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Handcrafted Christmas Signs

Handcrafted Christmas Signs

One of Shena's Christmas signs, Personalized Christmas tree sign with mixed vintage-inspired fonts.

Often, the journey into a career as a maker is as creative as the individual. That was true for artist Shena Jenkins, owner of the Etsy shop Crafty Mama Gifts, a chic treasure cove of farmhouse wall signs—including Christmas signs. She started off as a teacher but then decided to stay home with her boys instead.

When her boys were in school, Shena found herself with more time, and she started painting letters and words on blocks. “Friends saw them and asked if I could make some for their homes. Later, they started telling me I should open a shop to sell my creations,” she says. “Those blocks turned into plank signs, which then turned into the framed signs I make today.”

Shena's beautiful Christmas signs, like this one, can go anywhere in your home, from the fireplace mantel to the wall above the couch. Better yet, the wood-framed scripted quotes suit both modern and traditional farmhouse style.

Shena’s creative passion combined with her business savvy has turned into a successful business, based from her home in Illinois. “I think it is so important to shop American-made,” she says. “It brings revenue into our communities, which promotes wealth and prosperity for fellow American citizens.”

What kinds of Christmases happen at your farmhouse? Are they peaceful, cozy or does the laughter never stop? Pick a Christmas sign that makes you feel at home during the holidays.

When it comes to Christmas art, Shena creates beautiful word art for farmhouse style. “My favorite holiday sign is the Personalized Christmas Tree sign,” she says. “I love how it’s a truly one-of-a-kind piece that represents each individual family. Designing a sign is a labor of love, and each of my designs holds special meaning in my heart.”

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