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Modern Farmhouse Architecture

Modern Farmhouse Architecture

The side of a home for modern farmhouse architecture
Written by Emily Irby
Photography by Cesar Rubio

The setting of this weekend getaway among eight acres of California oak trees offers no shortage of inspiration. Architect George Bevan of Bevan Associates knew he wanted to design a home that managed to look, function and feel like an extension of the outdoors. Here’s the key modern farmhouse architecture he used to give this home in Sonoma a great modern farmhouse vibe.

Outdoor patio with industrial lighting and outdoor seating area
The vertical board and batten siding extends to the outdoor patio area, with industrial farmhouse style lighting to keep things modern.

Wood and Metal

Incorporating plenty of wood, like the striking tight knot cedar, was an essential decision in creating the home. Features like the covered porch and paned windows are nods to the traditional style of a farmhouse, but George also wanted to incorporate modern elements like dark colors for the window frames, steel posts on the porch and trellis to break up the heavy use of wood. “For anything you touched or saw on a regular basis, we stayed within the bounds of the farmhouse style,” George says.

Exterior of modern farmhouse architecuture
The modern farmhouse architecture on this home is combined with a modern neutral palette of slate gray and sandstone.

Clean Architectural Lines

The clean lines of the house were intentional. George says, “The trim is very sharp and square and thickened.” However, even when experimenting with the design, George didn’t ever stray too far from the traditional aspects of the farmhouse style we all know and love. Like the individual windows lined up side-by-side, they maintain the farmhouse look but the format is playful and fresh. George says, “You’re staying in those same traditional proportions of the traditional farmhouse style but putting them all together at once.”

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Modern farmhouse seen on the side of a hill with trees
The home blends in well with the hillside, which lends toward the modern farmhouse architeture look.

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