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Leather + Farmhouse Style Ideas

Leather + Farmhouse Style Ideas

Leather farmhouse style in living room with leather sofa

Can leather be farmhouse style? Absolutely! From sofas and chairs to cabinet pulls, poufs and decor accessories, leather is a great addition to modern, boho, industrial or any other type of farmhouse style. Here are some of our top ideas for leather in farmhouse style.

modern farmhouse living room with boho touches
Photograph by Rebekah Westover; home of Kaycie Chiampi.

Leather Accent Chair

If you're not sure that you like leather farmhouse style, start small with one accent piece, such as a chair in the living room. In this living room, homeowner Kaycie Chiampi used a black accent wall to create a dramatic look, which makes the leather accent chair pop against the neutral backdrop.

Desert Farmhouse loft space with chandelier
Photograph by Landon Wiggs; home of Liz Roth.

Leather Farmhouse Sofa

Go big or go home...or in your home? If you love the leather farmhouse look, a leather sofa is a great choice. This sofa in Liz Roth's home is an updated farmhouse take on a chesterfield sofa, with a tufted back and arms the same height as the back.

grasscloth wallpaper and warm muted color scheme in restored Villas at Spanish Court
Photograph by Hector Sanchez; unit of the Villas at Spanish Court

Leather Pillows

If you don't want leather furniture for your farmhouse, there are other accents you can choose, like throw pillows. This unit of the Villas at Spanish Court has cowboy vibes, and designer Sara McDaniel chose leather for some of the throw pillow covers to convey a great industrial farmhouse look.

Project House kitchen
Photograph by Nick McGinn; design by Garden Gate Homes.

Leather Bar Stools

Another accent choice for leather in farmhouse style is kitchen or barstools. This choice by designer Kara of Garden Gate Homes in this farm cottage renovation works well alongside wood. If you like leather, also aim for lots of wood finishes.

A mostly white interior with dark metal stairwell railing and a wood bannister
Photograph by Laura Metzler Photography; renovation by MV Architects.

Leather Ottomans and Coffee Tables

There are lots of options in look and style when it comes to leather ottomans. This home by MV Architects showcases a large square ottoman with a leather finish. But you could also go for a round leather ottoman, or even a more traditional coffee table that has a tufted leather top.

Minnesota lakeside view living room
Photograph by Landmark & Minneapolis; home design by David Charlez Designs.

Multiple Accent Chairs

A good living room layout design often includes one or two accent chairs. If your space has enough room for two accent chairs, having leather upholstery on both will give the room more leather overall and increase the fun farmhouse vibe in your home, like it does for this home by David Charlez Designs.

living room with fireplace in Minnesota farmhouse
Photograph by Andrea Rugg; home of Sarah Pollio.

Wood + Leather Farmhouse Match

When choosing the exact shade of leather for your home, look around at the other colors and finishes in your space. That's true for the home of Sarah Pollio. In her living room, she matched the shade of the leather farmhouse sofa with the wood in the coffee table. The two combine to create a cohesive color scheme throughout the room.

Hidden cabinets covered by blue barn doors with leather drawer pulls
Photograph by Jamie Itagaki; home of Lindye Galloway

Leather Farmhouse Cabinet Pulls

Did you know that you can use leather for your cabinetry? The hidden storage cabinets in the home of designer Lindye Galloway show off leather farmhouse style with her cabinet pulls.

Patriotic farmhouse living room

Photogrphy by Michael Hospelt; home by Richardson Architects.

Leather Poufs

Poufs are fun, small accent pieces that you can use as side tables, foot rests or even kids' stools. They're also very portable, and you can move them around from room to room, depending on which room you want to add a little leather farmhouse fun. This home by Richardson Architects showcases a leather pouf for the smaller living room. It doesn't take up too much space, but still adds a touch of leather.

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