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A Desert Farmhouse Oasis

A Desert Farmhouse Oasis

A self-trained stylist artfully mixes farmhouse warmth with touches of modern boho in her Phoenix, Arizona, home.

This loft space is a great place for the kids to relax with their friends or do their homework. “It’s located near their rooms, which is great,” Liz says. One of her favorite pieces in the loft is the patterned chair, which feels bold and sophisticated in the relaxed space.

You can make your dream farmhouse anywhere—even in the desert. That’s what Liz Roth, a self-trained stylist who documents her renovation projects on Instagram at @desertdecor, has proven time and time again. She’s brought contemporary farmhouse charm to the Phoenix, Arizona home she shares with her husband and two children.

Desert farmhouse boho bedroom
Liz envisioned a whimsical vibe for her son’s room and sought to create a space that he’d be proud to call his own. “My son has always enjoyed our family vacations to the beach, so I knew I wanted this waves wallpaper as the focal point,” she says. She chose a black metal bed to ground the room and contrast with the warm wood accents.

But she doesn’t stop there. Local shops and homes clamor for her design vision, and she kindly extends her talents to them as well. “I recently expanded my business,” Liz says. “In addition to my growing Instagram account, I style homes and home décor store fronts in our community.” As is apparent from her home, Liz artfully mixes farmhouse–and desert–warmth with touches of modern boho. The result is a unique look that’s as beautiful as a desert flower.

Desert farmhouse living room patina horse art
Textures and layers create a boho feel while the horse art and traditional wooden accents say “farmhouse.”
desert farmhouse kitchen
The geometric colorful rug gives a boho vibe while the subway tile, floating shelves and sink give a classic farmhouse feel.

Quaint Kitchen

Originally the kitchen cabinetry was dark, making the kitchen feel cramped and heavy. “Lightening the space and renovating it in a family-friendly way were the main priorities,” Liz says. With the help of designer Sandra Imig of Space Home Outfitters, she came up with a design that transformed the kitchen from a dark den to a light and bright chef’s dream. “We chose a two-toned color scheme for the cabinets because it’s more functional for kids,” Liz says.

A dining area adjacent to the kitchen is the family’s everyday dining area. “I call it the hub,” Liz says. The family spends lots of time gathered around the table, whether they are dining, crafting, playing games or doing homework. Liz opted for a round table because “round tables have an inviting way of creating conversation.”
“Renovating our kitchen allowed us freedom to utilize our cabinetry to its fullest potential,” Liz says. “We now have functional storage to fit our needs.” Open shelving and two-tone upper and lower kitchen cabinets give creative storage options for the active family.

The upper cabinets are stark white, but the lower cabinets are gray, making fingerprints or smudges from little hands less visible until they can be wiped away. Partial open shelving adds a farmhouse sensibility, and modern touches are incorporated with silver hardware and counter-to-ceiling tile. Meanwhile, a patterned cement tile on the island is surprising and eye-catching. “I wanted to add some interest,” Liz says. “The tile was a last minute design decision, and it brings just the right amount of visual intrigue.”

desert farmhouse dining room
The formal dining room is a bright and airy space with 22-foot ceilings. In order to create an intimate sense, Liz incorporated several wood pieces. “One of my favorite antique finds in my home is this beautiful 12-foot antique apple-picking ladder,” she says. The ladder has worn rungs and rusted metal details that make a person wonder about its journey.

Desert Farmhouse Coziness through Character

With its 22-foot high ceilings and open floor plan, the formal living room has grand proportions that could easily make the room seem too austere. To make it warm and cozy instead, Liz filled it with weathered farmhouse pieces. Each item is full of vintage life and accessorized with organic, textured elements like supple throws. A cluster of tobacco baskets on the wall captures a snapshot of the 1800s tobacco industry.

A gorgeous deconstructed sofa has caster wheels, exposed texture and a lovely ticking stripe. “The sofa reflects what I love in a furniture piece,” Liz says. “Every detail shines, and it draws your attention with thoughtful craftsmanship.” Finding the right furnishings and placing them in an arrangement conducive to conversation brings a coziness created through farmhouse character to the formal living room.

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desert farmhouse home office
For her husband’s office, Liz departed from her typical style and the color palette of the rest of the home. Walls painted Hale Navy and accented with a herringbone wall treatment create a bold backdrop for a piece of artwork. “The space reflects my husband’s love of clean and modern design,” Liz says.
Desert farmhouse bathroom
Liz envisioned a very classic design for the downstairs bathroom, one that would last beyond current trends. “We knew we wanted a bold design element [and so] added a patterned tile on the main vanity wall,” she says.

A Desert Farmhouse Where Style Meets Comfort

The informal living room is a place of comfort and connection for the entire family. “Without fail, after a long day, this where you can find us relaxing,” Liz says. “My focus for this room was comfort and style.” Before, the room was a basic, lifeless box, but Liz turned it into a cozy oasis with pillows and accessories that reflect her aesthetic. “I used lots of layers and textures,” Liz says.

Desert Farmhouse living room
Liz had her eye on this horse print for many years, until her husband gifted it to her for her birthday. It creates depth and dimension and immediately becomes a focal point against the soft neutral tones of the room.

Ample decorative pillows and soft blankets encourage the family to cuddle up and converse long into the evening hours. A modern horse print from Z Gallerie brings an earthy twist to the farmhouse-chic space and artfully contrasts with vintage-inspired pieces, like a Mora clock and corbel sconces. Cushy ottomans with boho fringe and print detailing bring a dose of desert romance and also allow the family to lounge in comfort. The Arizona home now tells Liz’s heart story, and it’s one of (desert) farmhouse sophistication accented with free-spirited details.

Desert farmhouse bathroom tile
In order to save money in the kids’ bathroom, Liz decided to keep the existing layout and bathtub but pulled out the shower surround and added tile. The simple changes immediately give the bathroom a custom look.
desert farmhouse master bedroom
The master bedroom was already spacious and filled with sunlight, so it only needed styling to personalize it. “We wanted very soothing colors that invite maximum relaxation,” Liz says. “I finally won my 15-year battle to have a stunning chandelier in our master bedroom instead of a ceiling fan, and we have never looked back.”

Want to know more about what boho style is and how to integrate it into farmhouse style? Read “What Is Boho Farmhouse Style?” Of course, don’t forget to follow us on InstagramFacebook and Pinterest to get your daily dose of farmhouse inspiration!

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