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4 Tips for a Durable Outdoor Space

4 Tips for a Durable Outdoor Space

Georgia farmhouse porch

With the arrival of the warmer months, make sure your home’s outdoor spaces are durable and summer-weather-ready. Here are a few of our favorite tips to ensure your outdoor furniture and decor will last more than just one season!

1. Consider Climate

For a durable outdoor space, choose furniture that will hold up against your climate. If your neighborhood sees lots of rain, you’ll want to choose pieces that dry quickly and don’t retain water. For windier regions, opt for heavier tables and chairs made of wrought iron over lighter materials, like wicker, which are more likely to blow away. Check out some of our favorite outdoor furniture here.

Utah home front porch
Sturdy wood rocking chairs and hefty planters in this Utah front porch are ready to withstand wind and thunderstorms. Photo by Rebekah Westover, home of Margy Richter.

2. Pick The Right Textiles

Quality patio furniture is an investment you’ll thank yourself for later. Make sure you’re picking fabrics that aren’t going to fade after only a few summers. You can buy cushions with UV protection built in, but also consider purchasing patio furniture covers. This will help you create a durable outdoor space that you don’t have to redo anytime soon.

hanging herb garden and durable floors on outdoor porch
Hanging herbs make a vibrant and edible contribution to this patio. Also, note the low fuss flooring in a dark, dirt-camouflaging color. Photo by Jaki Hawthorne; home of  Jenny Zacharewicz

3. Use Flooring That Can Take A Beating

When putting together a space that will get tons of mud, dirt and foot traffic, stay away from carpet! Consider using engineered hardwood, vinyl or tile floors to cut down the hassle of cleaning up footprints. Or, go with a modern farmhouse look and use the most durable outdoor material: concrete!

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bug deterring blue ceiling and low fuss flooring on outdoor patio
Shade-loving ferns are a great plant pick for shaded porches. Photo by Jaki Hawthorne; home of Jenny Zacharewicz

4. Rotate Your Plants

Match your plants to the seasons. Bring in plenty of beautiful blooms in the springtime, and during summer, add in a few succulents. When the colder months come along, rotate in a few potted evergreens. New plants can be the simple refresh your décor needs, and they help ground your durable outdoor space in nature.

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