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Boho Farmhouse Style Ideas

Boho Farmhouse Style Ideas

Living room with yellow pillows, gray sofa and wall paneling for boho farmhouse style.

Add a boho twist to your farmhouse and combine comfort with fun! Here are a few ways to incorporate boho farmhouse style in your home décor.

Add Texture

Farmhouse style kitchen table with black and white details and gray walls, with a bohemian style rug.
This dining room is a more traditional farmhouse style but incorporates a Bohemian style rug. Photo by Home With Krissy.

Traditional farmhouse style often features a muted color palette with black, white and gray. Add boho detail to your traditional farmhouse colors with texture, like in this rug, which has soft fur details alongside geometric shapes.

Hanging Plants

A boho bedroom with cream throw pillows and hanging plants.
In this bedroom, the hanging plants, macramé and light pink throw blanket give the space a boho look. Photo by Sara Toufali.

Live plants are a great way to incorporate color and a Bohemian farmhouse element to your living room, or any room in your farmhouse. There are some great farmhouse-friendly house plants out there that will help mix the two styles in your home!

Tan Tones

A brown leather couch paired with tan throw pillows and coffee table, highlighted by a textured rug.
The boho farmhouse living room decor here includes several different textures, from the smooth leather couch to the feathered wheat stalks. Photo by @arrowsandbow.

One key feature of the boho farmhouse style is the use of neutral tans and browns. The traditional boho style is very colorful, while the modern farmhouse is very neutral. The boho farmhouse combines the two. For example, this modern boho farmhouse style living room pairs several shades of tan with lots of texture.

Global Influence

This bathroom has a titled shower with a hexagon pattern and gold hardware.
The geometric rug, gold details and Turkish bath towels give this bathroom boho farmhouse charm. Photo by Landon Wiggs.

The boho style is very eclectic and has elements from global designs. The patterned rug, lace detail on the shower curtain and Turkish rugs in this bathroom give it a Bohemian twist.

Natural Features

This living room has natural textures and colors like the concrete fireplace, wooden coffee table, and brown leather couch.
The natural features of this living room, like the wooden coffee table and concrete fireplace, show boho inspiration. Photo by Andrea Rugg.

Include textures and colors that appear in nature to give any room boho farmhouse style. This living room incorporates natural texture in the concrete fireplace, wooden coffee table and leather couch.

Pop of Pink

This kitchen has white cabinets and white brick walls, with an oak island and a pink bohemian runner.
This kitchen runner has a boho style pattern with warm colors. Photo by Andrea Rugg.

Bohemian farmhouse style is more colorful than the traditional modern farmhouse. This boho farmhouse kitchen features a pop of pink in the runner that ties into the oak island and dark light fixtures. Other warm colors like orange and yellow are common in Bohemian style.

Outdoor Oasis

An outside patio with white furniture and tree stump table, with a board of hanging plants.
Incorporate boho style outdoors with lots of greenery or this DIY plant board. Photo by @ourfauxfarmhouse.

This outdoor patio space effortlessly blends the comfort of a traditional farmhouse with the natural elements of Bohemian style. Note the various plants and layered rugs.

Accent Color

This entryway features a sage green front door with tiled flooring and a wooden side table with boho decor.
This entryway features a sage green front door as an accent color that ties into the tiled floor. Photo by @indie.boho.nest.

Because the boho farmhouse style embraces color, an accent like this sage green door grabs attention while remaining true to the style. Other details like the textured tile floor and dried flowers also add boho flair.

Eclectic Artwork

The living room shelves hold books, plants, and framed artwork.
Try framed eclectic and modern prints, such as on these shelves, paired with various plants for boho farmhouse living room decor. Photo by Brittany Robertson.

These shelves pair eclectic artwork with potted plants. The throw pillows add texture and comfort to this boho farmhouse style living room.

Throw Pillows

An old wooden bench in the entryway holds neutral throw pillows with a peg rack above.
The colors and textures in this entryway all work together for a casual but cohesive boho farmhouse style look. Photo by Holly from Update My Cape.

Neutral throw pillows with loads of texture add Bohemian influence in a casual way. These pillows work together with the rug and shelf décor to create a truly boho farmhouse entryway.

Wicker Details

A wooden mirror surrounded by rattan and wicker baskets and decor elements.
The rattan chair and wicker baskets in this room are clear elements of boho style. Photo by @whitehoneyhome.

This traditional boho farmhouse bedroom has a cohesive look. The wicker baskets tie into the circular rug, storage bins and hanging placemats. A similar texture and color is reflected throughout the room.

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