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An Airstream Ready for Adventure

An Airstream Ready for Adventure

vintage Airstream with Southwestern decor

This 1969 Airstream trailer brings American charm to the road—learn how to add some Airstream charm to your home too.

Vintage Airstreams are the epitome of the American cross-country road trip. When Todd and Sarah Thompson acquired one, they decided to retrofit it with a California vibe, mixed with rustic country flair. Sarah wanted to ensure it remained authentic and retro but with some necessary improvements.

vintage Airstream with Southwestern decor

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The carpet and wood are all original, but she replaced the plumbing and electrical wiring. The trailer’s remodel was a group effort: Todd painted the American flag on the inside of the trailer’s door, and Sarah recovered the couch and made the pillows. “We find, fix or make,” she says.

vintage Airstream interior
Sarah keeps the small interior space open by decorating with only a few special items such as a vintage drum, books and flowers for a pop of color.

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SoCal Vibes

To evoke the 1970s dreamy style of the Flying Burrito Brothers (country music star Gram Parson’s band that Sarah cites as her source of design inspiration), Sarah took apart an old blanket and created the white lace banner across the awning. She also sewed the curtains to match the original bright blue carpet to make it look like an existing feature.

Other touches needed no alteration, such as the antique tambourines and vintage Pleasure Chest cooler that add to the classic summertime theme. Sarah also proudly displays her appreciation for Gram with a “Flying Burrito” metal sign hanging on the door.

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vintage Airstream "front porch" under awning

Easy Living

While the trailer sits on the Thompsons’ Burton, Texas property, it looks like it would be right at home in Joshua Tree, California. The trailer has a Southern California look with a dash of Southwest style. With its orange and turquoise accents and laid back ‘front yard,’ it’s a fun guesthouse for visitors.

Adding An Airstream To Your Home

Whether you’re looking to keep your Airstream in your yard when it’s not being used for road trips, or you’re thinking of adding a vintage one to your home for the extra space, here’s how to make it look great (and function well) year-round.

  • An awning is a great addition for summer days when it’s too hot to stay inside. It will allow you to enjoy a breeze in the shade. 
  • If your trailer is staying in one place for a long time, decorating the “front yard” will make it part of the space. Cover simple chairs or a shabby table with a colorful blanket or a linen tablecloth to give it a homey vibe. 
  • Look for used Airstreams on websites like Airstream Marketplace and RV Trader.

If you enjoy the southwestern flair of this Airstream, then check out this Desert Farmhouse Oasis. And don’t forget to follow us on InstagramFacebook and Pinterest for your daily dose of farmhouse inspiration!

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