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Color in the Kitchen: 3 Fool-Proof Tips

Color in the Kitchen: 3 Fool-Proof Tips

Green kitchen with shiplap walls, butcher block island and shaker cabinets

There’s just something about a cozy, colorful kitchen that can instantly bring a smile to your face. For farmhouse kitchens, white is certainly a go-to color, but it never hurts to add a little color, which can give the space personality and character. Here are three ways to add kaleidoscopic character to your farmhouse kitchen.

kitchen countertop with colorful green cabinets in the background
An otherwise-neutral kitchen from TreHus comes to life with green cabinets.

1. Color the Kitchen Cabinetry

A woodgrain finish is and always will be a mainstay design choice for kitchen cabinets. But to punch up the color, you can paint your cabinets in nearly any shade imaginable. If you choose a dark color, make sure other elements such as the countertop, floor and wall colors are light shades. You can also paint one section of the cabinets with color, such as the base of your kitchen island. This gives you the flexibility to change it later if you want.

This kitchen has light wood floors, white cabinets, and white subway tile with black countertops, all accented with bright red chairs.
This kitchen from Thomas Loof can pick up any color scheme because of its neutral background of white cabinets and backsplash. The red chairs bring a pop of unexpected color. 

2. Create A Neutral Backdrop

If you want to include cheerful pops of color throughout your kitchen, start by going neutral with the main design elements. These can include your flooring, walls, cabinets, countertops and backsplash. Stick with classic white subway tile for your backsplash, for example, or install white marble countertops. If you’ve decided against painting your cabinets in color, white is always a classic option, to which you can then add colorful knobs and drawer pulls—another easy element you can change out later if you wish.

This white kitchen has grey tile floors and wood countertops.  It is accented with a yellow stool and plates, along with blue table legs and dishes.
The summer sky comes into this white kitchen from Better Homes and Gardens with beautiful yellow and blue accents.

3. Add Bits of Colorful to the Décor

Now it’s time to have fun and choose a few colorful kitchen pieces to display. Think small if you want easy elements to change out later. Try colorful knobs and drawer pulls, kitchen canisters on your counter for flour and sugar, tea towels that hang from the dishwasher rack and a runner rug. These smaller yet personal items will work together to create a lively palette that shines but doesn’t overpower the space.

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