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4 Things Your Bathroom Needs NOW

4 Things Your Bathroom Needs NOW

Bathroom with open shelves and pedestal sink

Picture this: You're a guest at a friend's house for dinner. You excuse yourself to use the bathroom, then realize when you're there that the toilet paper has run out. Or (heaven forbid), you clog the toilet and there's no plunger. You are completely mortified, and have to figure out what to do. Your host has failed to provide one of the 4 things your bathroom needs.

Have you ever been in this situation? The only one that might be worse is if you're the host who has failed to provide these bathroom essentials to your guests. So here are 4 things your bathroom needs right now. These are not splashy or beautiful. They're practical.

And they're essential.

1. Plunger

A plunger isn't a pretty item to have in your bathroom. But the last thing your guests want to have to do is confess to you that they've plugged up the toilet. They'll be mortified. You'll be mortified. Please, please, please: Make sure there's a plunger in every bathroom in your house. Even if you don't think guests will use that particular bathroom, they might if there's already someone occupying the powder room.

But how can you make it pretty? Here are a few discrete ones:

bathroom toilet plunger and holder
Via Amazon
plunger and holder stainless steel
Via The Container Store
plunger for things your bathroom needs
Via Simple Human

2. Trash Can

Especially for women, having a trash can in the bathroom is an absolute must. This is one of those things your bathroom needs within reach of the toilet. If you have a bathroom where the toilet is in a separate room from the sink, there should be a trash can next to the toilet, even if you have an additional one in the sink area.

Luckily, there are more cute trash cans than there are plungers. Here are a few to try:

trash bucket white for things your bathroom needs now
Via Amazon
white trash can with wood lid
Via Amazon

3. Extra Toilet Paper

At least one roll, maybe two. If you're hosting a party or another event, it's always a good practice to make sure the current roll is full. But even if it's brand new, 1-2 extra rolls is one of the things your bathroom needs before you host (and the rest of the time too).

The extra toilet paper doesn't need to be out where everyone can see it. However, it does need to be someplace within reach, that's also reasonably easy to find for a guest. If you have a closed vanity next to the toilet, this is a great place to keep that extra roll of toilet paper.

Other decor-friendly storage ideas? Try a basket with cute farmhouse style, a vintage wood tool box or even a toilet paper roll holder. Here are a few.

basket for holding toilet paper
Via Amazon
toolbox for toilet paper for things your bathroom needs now
Via Amazon
decorative basket
Via Megabella Treasures

4. Room Spray

We don't need to explain why you need room spray in your bathroom, do we? Again, this is one of those things your bathroom needs so your guest is comfortable in your home—every part of it.

There are plenty of great scents out there for room spray! Or you can even make your own.

Poo-pourri spray
Via Amazon
Room spray for things your bathroom needs
Via Amazon

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