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A Maryland Farmhouse with History

A Maryland Farmhouse with History

The exterior of two separate wooden farmhouse buildings, including a stone silo and a surrounding fence.

When Jim Rill of Rill Architects set out to design this Maryland farmhouse in Fredrick County, he did so with an eye for detail and a respect for the property's past. This beautiful home on the lake was once a site overrun with dilapidated cabins and barns. Jim preserved as many of the buildings as possible, then seamlessly incorporated them into the design of the compound. “The idea was to recreate something that would be sympathetic to the history of the property,” he says.

Now, the expansive Maryland farmhouse features numerous buildings and contains every luxury imaginable, including a spa, workout room, bar, picnic pavilion and garden. All the buildings and rooms flow together and feature farmhouse vibes, both inside and out.

Though the spa, gym, and bar are infinitely exciting, the farmhouse kitchen remains the central gathering place. No matter what, people will always join and come together to celebrate both each other and their meals.

Rustic Red

Though winters in Maryland can get chillingly cold, the red tones warm these rooms along with the fireplaces. Red is known to raise the energy level of a room, which is ideal in places where you want people to come together and stimulate conversation. Red can also evoke feelings of love and comfort, making it well-suited for bedrooms, too.

Two red chairs face each other in front of a stone fireplace,
The patterned red rug gives a sense of character and charm while the red plaid pillows add to the classic farmhouse elements. Additionally, the local stone in the chimney blends well with the wood, matches the stone on the exterior of the home, and adds a textured touch to the room.
Similarly, the more subtle hints of red in this bedroom function as warm pops of color that blend with warmth found in the wood. Another perk of using red? It's easy to transition holiday décor and get festive with what's already in the room!

Working With Wood

It's no accident that this Maryland farmhouse features wood on both the interior and exterior. "I wanted to use something warm, something with woodland flavor that you could come home to and feel comfortable knowing that you have something both beautiful and durable," Jim says. Much of the woodwork in the home stretches up to the ceiling and utilizes open rafters to give the impression of a reconfigured barn.

A bedroom in a cabin-like room with rafters.
The woodwork in this bedroom stretches upward and creates an illusion of higher ceilings. An additional fireplace amps up the coziness and adds even more warmth to the room.
A long dining room table faces a row of windows.
The extensive wooden table sits perfectly to allow guests to get a clear view of the lake from the adjacent wooden windows. The doors at the end of the room allow the option to take things to the picnic pavilion, which over fifty guests can comfortably enjoy!
A wooden table sits before a vast stone chimney.
The wood in both the rafters and the table and chairs complement each other perfectly. The warmer toned, cherry wood of the table would be overpowering if used throughout the entire home, but in moderation it glows from the matching red embers of the fireplace.

Comfortable and Cozy

A homey place is a happy place. In order to maintain the charm of the space, Jim took extra care to ensure that all rooms felt comfortable and cozy as well as practical and fully functional. Each and every room feels warm and welcoming though the property is spread out and occupies such a large space. Cozy spaces aren't just reserved for the bedrooms!

A sun room with vast windows contains three large chairs
A vital factor in creating a homey family or living room is providing a comfortable place to sit and relax. Whether you're curling up with a book, enraptured in conversation, or just enjoying the view of the lake, the chairs in this room ensure you'll be back.
Wooden columns extend down around a family room filled with comfortable armchairs.
Even simple touches like extra pillows and blankets go a long way in making a room feel inhabitable and inviting. And the flowers definitely don't hurt.

Beautiful Breezeway

In order to connect the main house and the main compound, Jim created an enclosed breezeway between them. This addition drives home the feeling of having an interconnected space, and is perfect for when relatives or friends are visiting. The main house features a family room, three guest rooms, and a master suite that was converted from a garage. The breezeway leads into the main compound that boasts a kitchen, living room, dining room, study, and family library.

A wood paneled breezeway connects two separate housing compounds.
The breezeway also functions as a natural mudroom. In Maryland winters, this is the perfect place to shake off the snow, kick off your boots, and warm up after a day out in the cold.
Both compounds contain a kitchen, creating an ideal setup for multiple families to live in conjunction. And imagine the possibilities at Thanksgiving!
An office space includes a bull's head hanging above the fireplace.
This lighting fixture adds texture, style, and masculinity to the room. It takes advantage of the large space created by the open rafters and fills the room with plenty of light to work by.

This stunning study is sure to serve as a refuge and help you relax. But when you're ready for another break, remember that the spa and workout center is only a short walk away in the Middle Creek Clubhouse! This compound features a full workout space, complete with treadmills and equipment, a pool and a TV filled bar. No matter what you're looking for, this land by the lake is sure to sweep you off your feet.

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