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Farmhouse Christmas Tree Essentials

Farmhouse Christmas Tree Essentials

This is part of our Fa-La-La-La Farmhouse series! To get the free printables , sign up here!

Farmhouse style is known for its coziness, which makes it a perfect match for the merry mood of the holiday season. You can easily look to country style to put a fresh spin on traditional Christmas decor. When it comes to decorating your farmhouse Christmas tree, you want it to look the part, and it all comes down to the textures and finishes of your ornaments and accessories. Here are four key elements for adding charm to your farmhouse Christmas tree.

farmhouse style Christmas ornaments
Wooden ornaments, like these custom pieces from Photobarn, capture the quintessential farmhouse Christmas tree look.


One of the first elements you picture when thinking of farmhouse style is wood in all colors and textures, from light pine to darker reclaimed wood. Wood instantly says "farmhouse" or "country style," and it's the perfect material for your farmhouse Christmas tree.

We simply adore the look of wooden Christmas ornaments personalized with a photo, like these wooden ornaments from Photobarn. They come in a variety of shapes, like stars, snowflakes, hearts, Christmas trees and more. Plus, they can add a fun farmhouse feel to your tree. Photobarn also offers other custom ornaments, such as these blocks.

farmhouse Christmas tree ornaments by Photobarn
These block ornaments from Photobarn will add both a personal touch, and lots of customized color to your farmhouse Christmas tree.

Burlap and Lace

Burlap has a rustic, down home flair, and it's just the thing your farmhouse Christmas tree needs, along with a beautiful and frilly option like lace. Use a ribbon garland wrapped around your tree, or you can simply use it for DIY ornaments. Not that crafty? There are DIY ornament kits to save the day!

Vintage Ornaments

If you like the vintage look, try for some true vintage ornaments! There are lots of vintage ornaments still on the market, and the patinas they acquire as they age make them all the more charming.

A beautiful clear glass bowl is full of colorful collectible glass ornaments.
Vintage style ornaments blend in beautifully with a farmhouse Christmas tree.
Photo by Victoria Van Vlear.


Metal ornaments are another way to add farmhouse Christmas style to your tree. The distressed look of galvanized metal ornaments offers a quaint country look, and there's a variety of options to choose from. As part of our Fa-La-La-La Farmhouse email series, we've got a fun Mason Jar DIY for you! If you haven't already signed up to get these free printables, you can do that here.

DIY farmhouse style Christmas ornament
DIY Christmas ornaments are a perfect choice for a farmhouse style Christmas tree. Try our Mason jar lid ornament printable for your project! Printable illustration by Lauren Rebbeck.

DIY Farmhouse Mason Jar Ornament

What You'll Need:

  • Printable cutout
  • Scissors
  • Mason jar lid
  • Hot glue gun and glue
  • Ribbon
DIY Mason jar lid ornaments
A simple Mason jar lid can be given a new life as a farmhouse style Christmas ornament.

What You'll Do:

  1. Print and cut out the cutout (you'll need to sign up here to get the printable). We've included sizes for large and small-mouthed jars, so the cutout should fit whatever size jar you have.
  2. Place the cutout in between the lid and screw band, with the graphic facing out. Tape or hot glue the lid to the screw band, so it doesn't come apart.
  3. With your ribbon, tie a bow with a loop on it for the ornament hanger, then hot glue it onto the front of the lid.

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