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Decorate With Lights At Christmas

Decorate With Lights At Christmas

Christmas tree next to doorway to decorate with lights at Christmastime

Whether for a touch of magic or cozy ambience, the Christmas season is the ideal time to decorate with lights. This creates a cozy and welcoming atmosphere, and is an easy decoration you can add, play around with, and even leave up after Christmas for your winter decor.

“My goal for Christmas is just to have my home be warm, cozy and overall inviting,” says homeowner Tamela Adams. Here are a few ways to decorate with lights this season.

A unique display of white taper candles and greenery creates a magical space in the primary bedroom of homeowner Tamela Adam’s Christmas home. Photograph by Kimberly McCole.

Decorate with Lights Through Candles

From big jar candles with three wicks to taper candles in brass candle holders, candles bring warm light to a space and help you decorate with lights. Plus, the fragrance will add ambiance to enjoy. Add candles to various rooms in your house, especially if you’re having a party. Just remember not to leave a candle burning unattended.

Shelves with vintage Santa mugs and to decorate with lights at Christmastime
Our Brand Ambassador Courtney Vettel of The Vettel Farm used flameless candles from to style her vintage Santa mugs. The flameless candles are perfect for shelves because they won’t burn the wood that’s so close to them. Photograph by Courtney Vettel

Flameless Candles

Besides real candles, you can decorate with flameless candles, like those from This will allow you to light up the rooms in your house without having to stay in the same room to make sure the live candles don’t go unattended. If you’re hosting a Christmas party or dinner, this is a great option in areas like the powder bathroom or a room where guests might want to peek in but won’t stay to babysit the candles.

In Tamela’s home, white winkle lights work well with the white flocking on this secondary tree with sentimental family ornaments. Photograph by Kimberly McCole.

Twinkle Lights

This one is a classic. Decorate with lights on your Christmas tree, plus strings of Christmas twinkle lights you can add to garlands, wreaths or anywhere else in your home. For easy convenience, you can even add a self timer to your Christmas tree and other lights. This way, they’ll turn on automatically each evening (or morning) and you don’t have to turn them on manually.

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The master bedroom of the white Christmas home with pine trees decorated in faux snow and twinkle lights on either side of the large bed.
The primary bedroom in homeowner Jo Shetley’s house takes on a starry-night romance with twinkle lights on the snowy trees. The lights are the only decoration on the trees, making them stand out.
Photograph by Karen Palmer.

Light Up Every Room

Find ways to decorate with lights in every room. Add a garland with lights on your headboard in the bedroom to a centerpiece with candles in the dining room. This will contribute to the continuity in your home and create a seamless transition between
the spaces throughout the Christmas season.

Love the glimpse of Tamera’s house from her candles in the bedroom? Click here for a full tour of her home! And of course, don’t forget to follow us on InstagramFacebook and Pinterest to get your daily dose of farmhouse inspiration!

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