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Tips for the Best Fall Floral Arrangements

Tips for the Best Fall Floral Arrangements

fall floral arrangement with dahlias

Fall is the perfect time to add elements of nature in your farmhouse décor. But what about flowers? Just because the weather is turning colder doesn’t mean the flower season has completely disappeared. Fall flower arrangements are a perfect, easy design element to infuse fall seasonal décor into your home and incorporate natural elements in your aesthetic. 

Here’s how you can add beautiful fall flower arrangements to your home.

fall floral arrangement in wicker basket with dahlias

Use Dahlias

Flowers are one of homeowner Emily Traxler’s favorite ways to tie nature and color into her décor year-round, and fall is no exception. Emily often uses dahlias in her fall flower arrangements. “In Utah, dahlias bloom in late summer and early fall, and are the perfect flower with so many pretty varieties,” she says. Tie in the color of the dahlias with the colors of your home, or opt for orange, red or yellow varieties for traditional fall colors.

red fall flowers in wire basket

Mum’s the Word

Another personal favorite flower of Emily’s is the chrysanthemum. Also known as mums, Emily calls these flowers “quintessential for fall.” Mums often come in planted containers during fall, so pick up a few for easy fall color on the front porch or kitchen counter. Or cut the stems off and add them to your own fall flower arrangement.

fall vignette in kitchen with floral arrangement and dried husks

Other Options for Fall Flower Arrangements

Not a fan of dahlias or mums? Don’t worry! It really comes down to the color scheme. “I usually go for any fall colors,” Emily says. Roses are another flower she often uses. You could also include flowers like daisies, carnations and even sunflowers.

dried leaves on mantel for fall vignette

Incorporate Other Natural Materials

Emily also advises to go beyond flowers and incorporate other pieces of nature. “I like to add some beautiful fall-colored leaves and a few branches I’ve clipped from outdoors,” she says. These extra elements in your fall flower arrangements take your fall décor up a notch and can add fall flair to every space in your home for a cohesive, festive look.

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