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Make Christmas Magic for Your Kids

Make Christmas Magic for Your Kids

Mom and son read classic Christmas storybook

Christmas is a special time for the whole family, but for a kid, the season has extra magic. For homeowner Jenna Ratliff, Christmastime with her toddler has that extra special touch that comes from simple wonder. Here are five fun activities you can do with your kids this season to make Christmas magic for the little ones in your life.

Gingerbread house
Gingerbread houses are the great way for the whole family to get together and create a Christmas project. Don’t fret if yours doesn’t turn out as neat as Jenna’s—even the messy designs invoke holiday cheer!

Snowflake Party

Throw a snowflake-making party for your kids and their friends. Each snowflake is unique, just like your kids! Fold sparkly white and silver construction paper in half three times, then have the guests cut designs into them. You could even invite the kids’ parents to participate in this activity—you’re never too old for paper snowflakes. After the party, hang the snowflakes from the ceiling using clear fishing line to showcase your kids’ designs and make Christmas magic.

Make Christmas magic with fun chalk activities
Drawing on Jenna’s DIY chalk table is one of Neyland’s favorite activities. It’s a great way to bring an outdoor activity inside, especially during those rainy winter days.

Tabletop Advent

Steal Jenna’s genius idea and paint a table with chalkboard paint. She used a coffee table so that it would be shorter and easier for her kids to use. Each day during the Christmas season, have your kids draw a holiday picture on the tabletop. Then take pictures of their designs each day and print them out next year for an advent calendar.

Burlap Santa sack to make Christmas magic
Nothing says “farmhouse” quite like burlap, and this Santa sack is the epitome of a country Christmas.

Pinecone Christmas Trees

Pinecones make the perfect miniature Christmas trees. Buy them at your local craft store or take a walk in the park together and hunt for them as a family activity. Then spray paint the pinecones green and dip the edges in white paint for a snow-capped look. Let your kids decorate their miniature trees with sequins and stickers to serve as tiny ornaments to make Christmas magic.

Child's teepee helps make Christmas magic
You can’t go wrong with miniature decorations for a miniature family member. Jenna turns her son’s playroom into a holiday spectacle with little Christmas trees, a teepee just his size and twinkling lights.

Decorate the Kids' Bedrooms

Create a seasonal accent wall in your kids bedrooms. Using wrapping paper on a wall is an inexpensive way to immediately transform their room for the holidays. Plus, there’s no commitment to it like putting up wallpaper. If you’re careful when taking it down, you can reuse it for the following year.

Mom and son read classic Christmas storybook
The best kind of decorations is certainly the kind that brings the family closer and creates lasting traditions, like reading The Night Before Christmas aloud.
Christmas tree with many decorations to make Christmas magic
Jenna had a good practice run decorating her home for the holidays with one kid and with another on the way. She’s bound to be a certified professional this Christmas.

Annual Christmas Ornaments

Make an annual Christmas ornament with your kids. Cut felt material into classic Christmas shapes, like trees, Santa hats and candy canes. Then glue popsicle sticks on the backs to give them structure and shape. Write your child’s age and one exciting or memorable milestone they achieved in the past year on the back of the ornament so you can remember the best moments of years past.

To tour Jenna’s full Christmas house, pick up a copy of our December issue here! Of course, don’t forget to follow us on InstagramFacebook and Pinterest to get your daily dose of farmhouse inspiration.

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