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Fresh Christmas Wreaths and Garlands

Fresh Christmas Wreaths and Garlands

fresh Christmas wreath in snow

Fill your farmhouse with the fresh scent and lush quality of live wreaths and garlands.

When it comes to Christmas wreaths and garlands, while faux greenery improves in its life-like quality every year, nothing beats the real deal. Elena Kuo, director of customer relations at Lynch Creek Farm, shares her tips on including live greenery in your holiday décor this year.

fresh Christmas garland and wreath on Arts and Crafts exterior doorway
Country Bells Wreath and a garland adds fresh festive cheer to this doorway. Photo courtesy of Lynch Creek Farm.

Christmas Greenery Outdoors and Indoors

You can enjoy fresh Christmas wreaths and garlands indoors and out, but Elena suggests keeping it outdoors if you want the most longevity. “Your greenery will last longer in cooler temperatures; it’s not as dry as inside,” she says. On the front door, along the walkway, around your porch railings and draped on the front door frame are just a few of her suggested locations. “[Live greens are] perfectly suited for indoor use too, but they generally only last indoors for three weeks,” she says. “They last four to six weeks outdoors. But if you put them inside, you’ll enjoy the scent better.”

fresh wreath and garland and potted tree on fireplace
If your fireplace doesn’t have a mantel for a garland, you can always hang a wreath. Homeowner Leslie Saeta added a small tree to her fireplace setup with vintage décor and pops of red. Photograph by Bret Gum.

A Noble Fir Foundation

When it comes to Christmas garlands and wreaths, not all greens are created equal. They each have their pros and cons, and Lynch Creek Farm has done their research on which greens will thrive in your home. “The noble fir holds up well, looks lush and full and has the best fragrance,” Elena says. “We also use three types of cedar: western, red and incense, as well as juniper and white pine branches.”

Christmas tree and garland in farmhouse style kitchen
If you can’t afford to have all live greenery, try using a mix of real and faux. Homeowner Keeley McKendree has a live tree paired with a faux garland and a sprinkling of live sprigs in her hutch. Photograph by Bret Gum.

Making Your Greenery Last

The only downside to live greenery is that it won’t last forever. However, Elena has a tip to keep your Christmas wreaths and garlands fresh longer. “The cut ends of the evergreen are where they’ll absorb the most water,” she says. “Those are at the back of your wreaths and garlands. Spritz the back every few days to extend their life.”

One of Lynch Creek Farm’s bestsellers, the Pacific Pepperberry wreath, is a burst of color and texture. Its noble fir and white pine base are adorned with faux berries, red baubles and pinecones. Photograph courtesy of Lynch Creek Farm.

Indoor Christmas Wreaths and Garlands

Tips for adding greenery to every room of the house

“A wreath can really be enjoyed anywhere indoors,” says Elena. “We encourage folks to be creative, so don’t hesitate to add accents to your pieces too, like ornaments and flowers.” 

Premium Red Live Christmas Wreath
Even in harsh cold, live greenery will thrive outdoors. You can hang your live wreath on a door, railing or even a fence. This Premium Red wreath is a mix of noble fir, salal leaf, juniper and cedar topped with a red bow, berries and pinecones. Photograph courtesy of Lynch Creek Farm.


Since for functionality you need your kitchen décor out of the way, it’s best to have your greenery up high, such as hanging a wreath on a window or cabinet door. For garlands, lay them across open shelving, framing the kitchen windows or even on top of your kitchen cabinets.

Christmas wreaths live greenery in windows
Windows are the perfect spot to display wreaths. Homeowner Leslie Saeta has a wreath hanging in every window of her kitchen for a festive touch that won’t interfere with the functionality of the space. Photo by Bret Gum.


You can never go wrong with a garland on the headboard. Fill it with string lights for magical lighting at night. Or put a small live tree in the corner or on top of your dresser.

Living Room

The quintessential place for a garland is, of course, the fireplace mantel. But you can also hang a wreath there too, or in any nearby windows.

Wildlife Adventure Wreath
Get creative with your wreaths, and add items to them that fit your décor. For an outdoorsy look, the Lynch Creek Farm Wildlife Adventure wreath has a plaid bow and red cardinal with its own little birdhouse. Photograph courtesy of Lynch Creek Farm.


Have space on the counter? Try pairing a miniature tree with your soap dispenser for a touch of holiday spirit. You could also hang a garland from any nonseasonal art pieces you have on the wall. 

Dining Room

Hang a small wreath from each of your dining chairs for a pop of color. A fresh garland paired with candlesticks will make a beautiful centerpiece for your table. 

green accent wall with live greenery on shelves
You don’t always have to go big to get a good Christmas vibe. To style her open shelving, homeowner Jen Rippinger chose to feature her green vintage décor and use touches of greenery to accent it. Photo by Chris Bradley.

If you're looking for more inspiration for Christmas garlands and wreaths and trees and beyond, read on for A Blue Christmas Bedroom and Farmhouse Christmas Decorating Ideas.

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