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Men’s Christmas Gifts He’ll Actually Use

Men’s Christmas Gifts He’ll Actually Use

Men's christmas gifts

It may seem like he has everything he needs. But he really doesn’t. He has a short list of some new gadgets and tools that would make his life a bit easier. Or, at least, these would feel awesome in his pocket or look great in his workshop or rig. To help you in your quest for shopping for men's Christmas gifts, here are some great suggestions from our friends at American Survival Guide Magazine. Spoiler alert—you might even find a few things you want to add to your own wish list!

A magazine subscription of American Survival Guide is a great gift for him this Christmas
Courtesy of American Survival Guide

Subscription to American Survival Guide

Think of it as twelve monthly reminders to him of how thoughtful you were at Christmas. Each month, he’ll learn about essential, practical skills and techniques for being more self-reliant and prepared for challenging real-life situations.

Great gift ideas for him this Christmas include this
Courtesy of Survive Outdoors Longer

Survive Outdoors Longer Phoenix Multi-Tool

The Phoenix is an innovative and useful collection of essential outdoor tools combined in a pocketknife-sized package. Added to its fire-starting capability are an emergency light and signal whistle, a 7-function fixed blade knife and a watertight tinder compartment. The bright orange case will be easy to find in his glove compartment or tackle box, and it can also be clipped to a belt.

Check out the Zippo Axesaw as the Christmas gift for the outdoorsy man in your life
Courtesy of Zippo

Zippo AxeSaw

You can’t light a cigar with this Zippo product, but the AxeSaw can help your woodsman or backyard landscaper with two indispensable tree-trimming tools in one for your men's Christmas gifts. Use the axe to make short work of limb saplings and quickly convert it to a folding saw for more precise cuts on branches and vines.

Get him the gifts he wants this Christmas like a Slidebelt
Courtesy of Slidebelts

SlideBelts Survival Belt 2.0

The concealed four-function emergency kit in the buckle is just the beginning of this great-looking belt. Stylish enough to wear with any trousers, it’s also durable enough to withstand almost 1,500 pounds of pull and over 200 degrees (F). And its continuous adjustment notches are on the back, so there are no holes to stretch and fail over time.

Swissarmy knives make for great Christmas presents for him
Courtesy of Swiss Army

Victorinox SwissCard Lite

It’s compact, but each of the 13 tools in this unique kit is so useful it may never get stowed in his wallet or pack. Ranging from a small utility blade and four screwdrivers to an LED light, scissors, a magnifying glass and more, there is nothing lite about this SwissCard’s ability to get stuff done.

The Wazoo cache belt is the gift he will love this Christmas
Courtesy of Wazoo

Wazoo Survival Gear Cache Belt

Okay, the stainless steel buckle has a bottle opener. But that’s just a bonus. The 2,700-pound test belt provides ample space for money and important papers. Plus, it will even accommodate complete survival kits the company offers.

The Pocket Pal X2 is a sharpener and outdoor tool for the man who loves survival gear
Courtesy of Smith's Products

Pocket Pal X2 Sharpener & Outdoor Tool

A dull blade can be dangerous and ineffective. The Pocket Pal X2 will not only keep all his knife edges sharp, it can also signal for help, start a fire and help him navigate back to civilization.

For Christmas gifts this year, the Guppie knife will be sure to please the outdoorsy types
Courtesy of CRKT

CRKT Guppie

This is one of those men's Christmas gifts that won’t get tossed in the sock drawer! The innovative design is hand-friendly and keeps nine tools clipped in his pocket or pack and ready for a ton of daily tasks. It even has a cap lifter to help celebrate the latest successful repair job.

This EGO fishing has it all: Tough ABS plastic top and bottom panels and adjustable handle
Courtesy of EGO

EGO Fishing 30 Liter Roller Cooler

Keeping up to 36 12-ounce cans of liquid refreshment chilled for as long as 72 hours, this heavy-duty wheeled cooler is sure to keep everyone happy all weekend! Tough ABS plastic top and bottom panels and adjustable handle are ready for tailgating and campsite duty.

He will love how the Geopress filters heavy metals, chemicals and particulates
Courtesy of Grayl

Grayl Geopress Purifier

Minimize the risk of drinking contaminated or foul-tasting water with this fast and efficient water purifier. Eliminating more than just bugs and germs, the Geopress filters heavy metals, chemicals and particulates that can taint public water supplies.

This power station men's Christmas gift has it all: AC, USB and Quick Charge outlets
Courtesy of Jackery

PowerBar Power Station

There’s no need to suffer electronic withdrawal when the power goes out, as long as he has this portable power back-up handy. With AC, USB and Quick Charge outlets, laptops, phones and other electronic devices can keep running without interruption.

Talk about the complete survival guide for his Christmas present! This comprehensive preparedness kit of quality products assembled by the experts at Echo Sigma to include everything from food packets to sleep needs
Courtesy of Echo-Sigma

Echo-Sigma Bug-Out Bag Complete Emergency Kit

Save time and money when you select this comprehensive preparedness kit of quality products assembled by the experts at Echo Sigma. Cover needs for food, water, shelter, first aid and much more with many popular brand name products.

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