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Where to Put Your Christmas Tree

Where to Put Your Christmas Tree

Gold and white Christmas tree for where to put your christmas tree

Your Christmas tree is one of the most important pieces of your holiday décor. There are so many options when it comes to type, size and color palette. But first and foremost, you’ll need to decide where to put your Christmas tree. Blogger Amanda Vernaci of Come Stay Awhile has given us her tips for the ultimate tree location.

Editor’s Note: We’ve toured Amanda’s full Christmas home in our December 2022 issue! Come get the issue here.

simple rustic Christmas tree
Photography by Kinna Shaffer Photography. Home of Ahna Fulmer.

Focal Point

“For me, I like to be able to see my tree, so I put it in view of wherever I sit the most,” Amanda says. Some people like to have their tree in a spot guests can see from the entryway, but often this keeps it from being the focal point from inside your house. When deciding where to put your Christmas tree, place it in a central spot that you and your family spend the most time. This way you get the most out of this pivotal decoration. “My favorite thing is to turn all the lights on in the tree in the evenings,” Amanda says.

christmas tree metallic rustic with wooden skis
Photography by Bret Gum, home of Rachel Bousquet.

Make Space

During Christmastime, your tree takes priority. You may be short on space or just not have a lot of open area to put your tree, but don’t let that stop you. If it comes down to it, move furniture or hide art on the wall when deciding where to put your Christmas tree. “Where my tree is now is in front of a big cabinet in the room,” Amanda says. If that's the best space for your tree, move things around to make it happen!

blue and white frosted christmas tree
Photography by Rebekah Westover. Home of Holly Jolley.

Think Ahead

While you may or may not have presents out before Christmas Eve, think ahead to that special night when you’ll need extra room surrounding your tree. “Give it a buffer for presents and stuff to cascade around it,” Amanda says. And of course, also leave enough room where to put your Christmas tree so you can decorate it well with all those charming farmhouse ornaments!

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