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A Cozy Connecticut Home Spices It Up

A Cozy Connecticut Home Spices It Up

Filled with vintage collectibles and family heirlooms, this home brings the outside in with seasonal décor and a renewed color palette.

vintage fall display
This darling display benefits from creativity and color. Dish towels and tea boxes, decorative tins and knitted pumpkins take the look from rustic to seasonal. But you can still make out some of Ambyr’s antiques, including a picture of a horse-drawn carriage.

It’s that time of year, when the wind picks up and sends yellow, orange and red leaves twirling through the air. And when the world outside is filled with such vibrant color, why not bring some of that colorful cheer indoors?

That’s exactly how Ambyr Domonell, of @3honeysuckleway, emulates the season in her  cozy Connecticut home. Using dramatic tones of burnt orange and red and fall-inspired patterns, she transforms her vintage arrangements into displays fit for autumn in a few simple steps.

vintage collection in cozy Connecticut home

Ambyr’s white-on-white aesthetic—and a sprinkling of vintage décor—creates a calm environment to host family gatherings and celebrations. But she strikes a balance by using warmer brown, copper and tan tones throughout—especially in the fall.

“Decorating for the fall is easy when you collect vintage, because a lot of your items are in that color range,” she says. Brass jars, woven baskets and vintage books, among others, introduce darker tones and new textures.

vintage hutch in neutral cozy home
This thrifted hutch from Good Will is populated with vintage books, candle holders and glass bottles. The picture of peonies overhead is one of Ambyr’s favorite pieces. She adds, “It’s from my husband’s grandmother, and it dates back to the early 1900s.

Swapping out smaller décor pieces to reflect the season is one of the Ambyr’s favorite tricks because it transforms the home without breaking the bank. Orange dish towels and decorative signs are likely a dollar each, and they add just enough character to signal a change is coming.

fall "cupcakery" display
This “cupcakery” station houses many of the homeowner’s cutting boards, cake plates and rolling pins––both vintage and modern. The display is dressed for the season with a Pumpkin Patch sign and a sprinkling of mint-green, orange and white pumpkins.

Another small, but significant change arrives when Ambyr replaces her pink peony china plates with burnt orange or brown ones. Similarly, she refreshes her cozy Connecticut home with burnt orange and red flowers for the fall.

repurposed vintage ladder to hang pots and pans in neutral kitchen
Can’t you imagine cooking in this kitchen and having all of your pots and pans right at your finger tips––or above them? Ambyr’s husband installed this old ladder, made from reclaimed barn wood, above the island for functional use and visual interest.

She loves bringing a touch of the outdoors in with florals—emphasis on a touch. Ambyr doesn’t like to use too many orange pumpkins because they take away from everything else. “Instead, I prefer white pumpkins, or crocheted, fabric pumpkins.”

When Ambyr and her husband, Justin, moved into their home three years ago, they had big dreams. In fact, it had been the first of a dozen houses that the couple looked at together, but it was the one that she just couldn’t resist.

white kitchen with open shelving
Ambyr opted for open shelving in the kitchen so that guests can see her beautiful dishes, pitchers and cake plates, among other accessories. The green scale adds a delightful dose of color to the nearly all-white wall.

“I felt like the house had a lot of potential, a lot of character to offer,” Ambyr says. “I walked in and thought, this is our home.” And the couple has certainly made it their own, with a few major renovations including an open floor plan.

In addition, the pair painted the walls white and introduced shiplap. “I like having white walls, and incorporating color on top,” she explains. “It makes all of my antique and vintage pieces pop, and those are the items that I really want everyone to see and enjoy.”

A Collected and Cozy Connecticut Home

Picture frames and mirrors, shelves and hooks stand out against the crisp white walls and draw attention to smaller pieces of décor such as china plates, candlesticks and glass jars filled with flowers.

Ambyr’s fascination with antiques and heirlooms began at an early age. As a child, she was always redecorating her bedroom with the help of her grandmother, who would take her to various garage and yard sales to hunt for treasures.

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She started her own collection at 16, and it continues to grow to this day because she is not one to back down from a challenge or turn away from a distressed or damaged item. That is exactly why her home is filled with unique and one-of-a-kind gems.

vintage collection display
vintage collection gallery wall
This old printer tray, and the cubby above it, serve as the focal point for the gallery wall in the hallway. Antique baskets hang on one side, while pictures and an antique mirror––another family heirloom––hang on the other. More baskets sit overhead and overflow with greenery.  

“You know the saying, ‘you can’t polish a turd?’” Ambyr asks. “Well, I think that’s totally wrong. When I look at something old, I’m already putting it back together in my head.”

vintage gallery wall in cozy Connecticut home

Whether thrifting or shopping at her local Hobby Lobby, she approaches the task with creativity and zeal. Many of the items that she brings home need a good cleaning or a fresh coat of paint. Even brand new items might need a little DIY magic to fit with the theme of the home.

But it’s those old, overlooked items that shine the brightest in the home.

Connecticut home bedroom
This bedroom achieves a heavenly aesthetic. Suanlight trickles in through the skylight, and illuminates the white-on-white room, filled with white curtains and linens.
skylight neutral aesthetic
cozy Connecticut home reading corner
Ambyr loves to relax and read beneath the skylight. In the evening, when the sun passes behind the house, she uses her antique milk-glass lamp for light.
entryway with shiplap and patterned tile
This entryway is a stunner. Shiplap and patterned tile flooring, though neutral in color, provide ample aesthetic appeal. The tile flooring, believe it or not, is a DIY. All it took was a few buckets of paint and a stencil with the right pattern (and a few hours of time).
neutral bathroom
Atop the toilet sits an antique apothecary box, and atop that, an old race-track toolbox that Ambyr found at a flea market. In fact, it was filthy when she stumbled upon it, but she was able to bring it back to life with a little soap and water.

If you love the the style of this cozy Connecticut home and want to embrace the fall in your own home, find more inspiration by reading Neutral Fall Decor for Your Farmhouse and Rustic Fall Decor For Farmhouse Style. Of course, don’t forget to follow us on InstagramFacebook and Pinterest to get your daily dose of farmhouse inspiration!

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