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Tips for Summer Decor In Your Home

Tips for Summer Decor In Your Home

Living room with green painted cabinets and leather sofa for summer decor

We love all the fun things that come with the summer season: sunshine, fresh-cut grass and pool days. Hopefully you can get in a bit of relaxation, too. But to truly enjoy summer, you need to bring summer decor indoors. Here are some ways to add summer decor into your home from designer Kara Christensen of Garden Gate Homes, the designer and builder for our 2021 Project House in Tennessee.  

Mudroom sink with vintage painting and fresh bouquets of flowers
In our Tennesee Project House, Kara made use of little spaces such as the corner of the wall above the wainscoting for a little vintage bird painting that works well with summer decor.

Freshly-Cut Flowers

Yes, technically you can display faux flowers in your home, but hear us out. The real deal will add an extra spark of life and color as summer decor. And you can’t beat the fragrance. “I put fresh-cut flowers on my island and farmhouse table,” says Kara. “I’ll put them in the foyer, too, if I’m having people over. I’m starting to grow more flowers as I need them, but sometimes it can be more convenient to buy them.”

Living room with white sofa, textured pillows
Depending on your preferred color palette, you can add pillows that are bright and colorful or neutral for your summer decor. Both options will bring a sense of summer into your home. Photo courtesy of Garden Gate Homes.

Summer Decor With Throw Pillows

Changing out your throw pillows can be an easy and cost-effective way to bring summer decor colors and patterns into your home without a large investment. “I like to change out throw pillows on my sofa, chairs, bed and outside porch,” says Kara. “If I had more dark earthy colors during the fall and winter, I’d change them out for floral patterns that are brighter or neutral for summer.”

Vintage painting on a mantel for summer decor
In our Tennessee Project House, Kara added vintage paintings to create a feel of an old farmhouse in the newly-renovated space. Photograph by Nick McGinn

Vintage Artwork

If you have an affinity for art, keep your own seasonal preferences in mind on your hunts. “I’m looking for antique oil paintings and prints with fall or winter scenes right now,” says Kara. “Then, I’ll rotate to summer art.” Keep in mind brighter color palettes for spring and summer decor, and darker palettes for fall and winter. Or, shop for your art by theme. “They’re like little windows,” says Kara. “They can depict what you would look outside to see, like sheep pastures or flowery landscapes.”

Living room with leather upholstered chairs and summer decor planters
Gold plant pots add a touch of glamour and will pair well with the brighter summer colors in the room. Photo courtesy of Garden Gate Homes.

Summer Decor with Plant Pots

Another simple summer decor swap is your plant pots. “Pick some branches with colorful vases and display them on your island or coffee table,” says Kara.

Kara Christensen is the designer for our 2021 Project House. Learn more about her at Garden Gate Homes or follow her on Instagram. Of course, don’t forget to follow us on InstagramFacebook and Pinterest to get your daily dose of farmhouse inspiration!

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