Bedroom corner with palm tree, gold accents and bamboo
What is Boho Farmhouse Style?

Boho farmhouse style blends the fun, bright and spirited bohemian decor with the relaxed, welcoming vibe of the American farmhouse.

Gray bedroom with white bed
Is Gray Paint Outdated?

Gray paint seems to be everywhere. With a new decade upon us, is gray still the color of the day or is gray paint outdated?

The exterior of two separate wooden farmhouse buildings, including a stone silo and a surrounding fence.
A Maryland Farmhouse with History

This custom-built Maryland farmhouse showcases an eye for detail, a respect for the property’s past, and a stunning exterior.

modern farmhouse style living room with navy couch and white brick fireplace
What Is Modern Farmhouse Style?

Modern farmhouse style takes classic rustic farmhouse elements and combines them with the sleek and simple twist of modern decor.

A large chandelier with a wood dome surrounding several light bulbs connected in black metal
Remodel Project Essentials

Thinking about a possible remodel project? Get ready to refresh your home this year with these farmhouse-friendly picks. There are so many possibilities!

A babydoll sheep stands beside a fence looking back at the hobby farm.
Starting a Hobby Farm

Are you thinking about adding some farm animals to your life? Learn how to start your very own hobby farm at!

A boy's bedroom with a blue accent wall covered in vinyl star stickers. There is also a tepee bed and a child's rocking chair
Check Out This Boy’s Adventure Bedroom

This room is transformed into a boy’s adventure bedroom! Tour an adventure bedroom complete with tepee bed, stuffed animal busts and stars to sleep under!

White and brick farmhouse kitchen
Options for Budget Countertops

Kitchen countertops can take up a big chunk of your budget when redoing a kitchen. Thankfully, there are ways to get budget countertops!