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Modern Staircase Style

Modern Staircase Style

Dramatic staircase with a window and steel handrail in a wood paneled farmhouse

You might not know it, but your staircase can do a lot to make or break the style of your home. A modern staircase is the perfect element to tie your modern farmhouse together. Florida homeowner Kelly Simmons gave her home a modern farmhouse twist with sleek metal railings. Now you can learn how to modernize your own stairs with these innovative railing ideas.

modern staircase with metal railings light and rug
The sleek railings along with the unique light fixture in this farmhouse give even stairway landings a modern farmhouse twist! Courtesy of Chris Loves Julia.

Metal of Honor

Keep it sleek and stylish with metal railings you’d usually find outdoors. Whether you choose steel, iron or aluminum, you’re sure to find a material that freshens up the space. You can settle for a light polyurethane finish, or spruce up the rail with a bold coat of paint. Another benefit to a metal railing like this is that the dark metal will create nice contrast if you have white paint on the walls of your stair well.

modern staircase with metal railings in dining room
This staircase renovation didn't just make the stairway look great- it made the rest of the dining room look amazing too!

Lovely and Linear

Handrails often come in thick, rounded shapes, which work well for traditional wood rails. If you’re wanting to make a modern farmhouse statement though, look for thin, flat rails with crisp lines. They'll do the job of enforcing safety, but will also help provide a wide open feel in the stair well, as well as the rooms above and below the staircase.

modern staircase with metal railing and built in cubby
The built in storage attached to the bottom of the staircase offers a unique storage solution for busy families.

Simple and Straightforward

For a modern farmhouse that resonates with timeless appeal, choose ordinary over ornate. You may be surprised to realize that this makes a bolder statement than fancy designs. This is a great choice for a modern staircase.

If you're ready to make your own modern staircase, check out another one of our DIY favorites. And of course, don’t forget to follow us on InstagramFacebook and Pinterest to get your daily dose of farmhouse inspiration!

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