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Hot Flea Market Collectibles to Hunt

Hot Flea Market Collectibles to Hunt

Ready to hunt down some gorgeous vintage collectibles? These hot flea market collectibles are the items you’ll wan to score this summer. We asked a few bloggers and Instagrammers about the hot flea market collectibles they’re excited about. Here’s what they’re finding and their tips on how to track them down yourself.


Melanie Butcher, @vintagecharmhouse

vintage crates
Photo courtesy of Melanie Butcher, @vintagecharmhouse.

“It’s hard to resist a good crate. For me, a crate must have amazing graphics or subject matter. I love them because they’re versatile and can be used in a variety of ways. From storage and organizing to adorning the coffee table with sunflowers, crates can be practical and fun. Always be on the lookout at estate sales, antiques stores and auction sites. Crates range anywhere from $20 to $100.”

Pyrex Dishware

Courtney Affrunti, @GoldenBoysandMe

Photo by Courtney Affrunti, @GoldenBoysandMe.

“One of my favorite finds is my set of vintage Pyrex. I use them every day, and I love the pop of color and vintage charm they add to my kitchen. I usually pay under $20 when I find a piece at garage/tag sales. Some unique pieces go for upwards of $1,000; but I’m not that serious of a collector. I pick them because they are a pattern or color I like. My favorite patterns are Amish Butterprint in turquoise and the Friendship pattern. I am always on the hunt for vintage kitchen finds because they are both functional and decorative.”

Crystal Light Fixtures

Leslie Saeta, @my100yearoldhome

crystal lighting fixtures
Photo courtesy of Leslie Saeta, @my100yearoldhome.

“I love vintage crystal chandeliers and sconces. The sconces I just bought were not wired at all. I knew I would use them with candles. I also bought six crystal chandeliers at various flea markets, and they are all being re-wired. If they are in decent shape, then ask [the vendor] to plug them in to see if they work. Usually the main cord is what needs rewiring, and that is not difficult or too expensive to have done. But if every single candelabra in the chandelier needs rewiring, don’t buy it.”


April Hershberger, @barnhomeliving

vintage quilts
Photo by April Hershberger, @barnhomeliving.

“I love collecting antique quilts because they can be passed down; plus each one is unique and has a story. Pets and kids are too much in our barn home [to have] antique quilts on the bed, so instead I display them in a cupboard in the family room. Because only a small portion is on display, don’t be afraid to collect damaged items for cheaper and hide the damaged section. I look for them at flea markets, yard sales, thrift stores and antiques stores. Always be sure to dig through the linens bins. I love the different colors, patterns or stars, each one meaning something different.”


Christina Gerstner,@thewhitepeppervintage

vintage art
Photo courtesy of Christina Gerstner,@thewhitepeppervintage.

“I look for any art that appeals to me. Ninety-nine percent of the time it’s vintage, and 99 percent of the time it’s full of color. I’m typically drawn to Impressionist, post-Impressionist or abstract styles, but I’m also a huge fan of mid century still lives, especially if it’s a floral. Don’t be afraid to spend a little more on something you love. If you find a piece that speaks to you, chances are you’ll love it forever. If your goal is to develop a large collection, look all over and look often. I’ve found some of my best pieces in totally unexpected places.”

Brass and Storage

Brigid Milway, @WhatTheseOldThings

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vintage brass and canister
Photo courtesy of Brigid Milway, @WhatTheseOldThings.

“It’s so hard to pick one favorite trend—I am in love with so many things right now. I packed my dining room shelves with all my favorite trends for this summer. I am always on the hunt for unique brass pieces—they’ve been a best seller since I started my business in 2014. I am really into eclectic storage, so colorful vintage tins always catch my eye, and they keep clutter out of sight. Anything that can be used as a planter or propagation vessel, vintage candles with crystal candlesticks, natural wooden baskets and wicker are also favorites.”


Sarah Chitwood, @ourlittlebluefarmhouse 

vintage books
Photo courtesy of Sarah Chitwood, @ourlittlebluefarmhouse

“I have been collecting vintage books from flea markets and thrift stores for years. I generally pay anywhere from a quarter to $5 per book. I look for vintage books based on the colors and designs of their covers. I enjoy using them in my seasonal décor, such as greens for spring and reds and blues for summer. They say don’t judge a book by its cover, but in this case I do.”

Camp Collectibles

Jen Rippinger, @jensfreshvintage

camping collectibles
Photo courtesy of Jen Rippinger, @jensfreshvintage.

“My favorite finds are camp-style items. Some thermos jugs have fabulous graphics—a favorite of mine is the rusty one with a travel map. Picnic tins are fun too. Red and white is really hard to find in tins or thermoses. The fisherman thermos is also a hard one to find and can be pricey—from close to $50 on up. The Canada Dry signs in this picture are from an old pop rack. They slide perfectly on my cabinet shelves. All these sit in my huge vintage cabinet. I love to switch out the items for the season.”

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