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Gift Wrap Ideas for Farmhouse Style

Gift Wrap Ideas for Farmhouse Style

White gift wrap on packages with red embellishments under a Christmas tree

Did you know that your wrapped gifts can act as décor? Especially for the Christmas season, you can use that area under your tree to display your gifts and make your home look even more cozy and welcoming for Christmas. Here are a few farmhouse gift wrap ideas to get you started.

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Blue Christmas gift wrap under a tree
There are several different types of gift wrap here, but they all match the same color theme and look cohesive.
Photograph by Victoria Van Vlear

Choose a Color Palette for the Gift Wrap

Don't just buy the first roll of gift wrap you find in your local grocery store. Instead, search for gift wrap that will match the color palette of your home, whether that's bright red and greens or more subtle neutrals. You can vary the type of paper you use, so the look isn't too uniform, and you'll want to make sure you have contrast between the package and the decorations or embellishments.

White gift wrap on packages with red embellishments under a Christmas tree
Homeowner Toni Roberts started her packages with a white gift wrap as the base, then added color through fun ribbons and other embellishments.
Photograph by Jessica White

Start With a Neutral Base

One way to approach your Christmas gift wrap is to start simple with a neutral base. Try brown craft paper, or even plain white paper. Do be aware that with white, you may be able to see through to the box underneath, so save the white paper for plain boxes (like shipping boxes). With a neutral base, you can get creative on your decorations and embellishments.

But you don't have to stay entirely with solids—it's fun to mix and match solid gift wrap with patterned paper as well.

Close up of brown paper gift wrap with stamped design
You can make your own patterned gift wrap, as homeowner Rachel Basquet did here.
Photograph by Bret Gum

Get Creative With Decorations

This is the fun part. Get creative with your embellishments and decorations, which you can also match to your décor and Christmas theme. If you love nature and have lots of natural elements in your décor, try for sprigs of greenery and bunches of berries tied into ribbon. For a fun patterned look, try stamping your own pattern on your paper.

If you have young children, give them an extra treat and tie candy canes or miniature ornaments into your packages. The options are endless.

Coordinating your Christmas tags is a great way to get a cohesive look under your tree. Click here to get these free printables! Printable illustration by Lauren Rebbeck.

Coordinate Your Gift Tags

If you're getting creative and varied with your paper and embellishments, you don't want to make things look too cluttered or scattered. To combat this, stick with one type of gift tag, or one set of coordinating gift tags. This will help unite your look and keep your packages clearly labeled at the same time.

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