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How to Get Family Friendly Decor

How to Get Family Friendly Decor

mom and daughter in farmhouse kitchen for Here are a few ways you can make your home both beautiful and functional for the whole family with family friendly decor

Kids create lively chaos in the house, and we want our decor to welcome (and hold up) to their play and adventures. Here are a few ways you can make your home both beautiful and functional for the whole family with family friendly decor.

A white room with dusty gray wood floor and on the ceiling there is exposed wood beams. A white couch sits in front of open windows with natural light
Slipcovers can look high end or homegrown—however you want to spin them! Home of Heather Tartaglia; photograph by Chad Mellon.


This simple addition can be a safeguard against the spills, stains and marks that result from everyday wear and tear. You can get slipcovers that match the original cushion color of your sofa, or opt for a different hue for your family friendly decor. When choosing a slipcover with little ones in mind, make sure the cover is stain resistant and washable, especially for high-traffic areas like your sofa cushions. Go for a more durable fabric, such as canvas, denim or an indoor/outdoor fabric.

Vintage movie seats on the landing of a custom farmhouse
You can use the eraser trick on any light-colored wall, and even shiplap! Home of Jaclyn James; photograph by Chad Mellon.


White walls are the current trend for farmhouse style, but how do you keep them free from stains and scratches when kids run past? The secret is an eraser. Seriously though—take an eraser to those scuff marks on your wall, and you'll see how easily they disappear! Then you can keep your walls clean, and not worry when your boys decide it's a good idea to play soccer in the house.

Dining room in Georgia farmhouse with green cubbies
Wood flooring is both a classic farmhouse choice, and family friendly to boot. Home of Jenny Zacarewitz; photograph by Jaki Hawthorne.


In high traffic areas, such as your mudroom, entryway and kitchen, choose wood or tile flooring that is easier to hide marks of wear, as well as clean and maintain for your family friendly decor. Stick with tile in areas you know you'll need to clean on a regular basis, such as the mudroom and kitchen.

An off-white bedframe with eggshell bedding in a room with white 3d paneling designs.
You can make your kids' rooms match your farmhouse decor while staying true to their own tastes too. Home of Stacey Rossetti; photograph by Ryan Liu.

Involve the Kids

With a family, life can be messy, especially with young children who are eager to express their artistic skills. Rather than discourage their creative endeavors, find ways to incorporate spaces for them that allow for both style and function. For example, add a chalkboard wall as the perfect space for your kids to express themselves in a fun way that also fits seamlessly into your overall farmhouse design.

Ready for some more family-friendly decor? Check out this boy's adventure bedroom! Of course, don’t forget to follow us on InstagramFacebook and Pinterest to get your daily dose of farmhouse inspiration! 

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